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Frequently asked questions about the CCAC/IUP Collaborative Early Childhood With Special Education Program.

Do I have to go to Indiana to take classes?

No. All of the IUP courses are delivered on-site at the CCAC’s Allegheny campus.

How many students do you accept?

Each year, a maximum of thirty-five students will be admitted. We begin our admission process at the end of each Fall semester, and admissions are made on a rolling basis.

How long will it take to finish?

It will take a minimum of three years from the point of admission.

How many credits are required?

There are a total of 132 credits. IUP delivers 61 credits. There are 73 specific credits required from CCAC.

Do you offer summer courses?

You may most likely take CCAC courses offered in the summer. IUP courses will not be offered in the summer.

What about financial aid?

If accepted into the program, you will continue with CCAC for financial aid during the sophomore year of the collaborative program. Thereafter, if you continue on track, you may claim IUP as the primary institution for your junior and senior years.

How do I register for classes?

You will register for IUP classes through IUP and CCAC classes through CCAC. Only students accepted into the program are allowed to register for IUP courses.

How will I be billed for IUP courses?

You will be billed electronically through IUP’s student record system (URSA) for your IUP courses.

Do I get an IUP identification card?

Yes. During the first semester in the collaborative program, students will receive the IUP identification I-Card.

Who teaches the IUP courses?

Faculty members from IUP teach the IUP courses in the collaborative program.

What will it say on my university diploma?

Your diploma will reflect your degree, a Bachelor of Science from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Do I get my associate degree from CCAC?

Yes. The collaborative agreement ensures that you will be eligible for the associate degree in Early Education from CCAC, coded CCAC/IUP.

I have a B.A. degree from another university. May I just get teacher certification in this program?

No. This is not a post-baccalaureate teacher certification program. Please look into other teacher certification options in the area.

May I major in either Early Childhood or Special Education?

No. The program is designed for a B.S. in Early Childhood with Special Education.

What will I be certified to teach?

Upon successful completion of this program, you will be eligible to be certified in Pennsylvania as an early childhood teacher (pre-K to fourth grade) and as a special education teacher (pre-K to eighth grade).

Who will be my advisor?

IUP has coordinators for the program who are located at the Allegheny campus. They advise all students admitted to the program and are happy to talk with prospective students. For CCAC classes, continue to seek the advice of a CCAC counselor, but make sure the CCAC courses are those required for the collaborative program.

What tuition do I pay?

You will pay the cost of CCAC tuition and fees for CCAC courses. You will pay the cost of IUP tuition and fees for IUP courses. Tuition must be paid by the deadlines or you will be dropped from your classes. IUP’s tuition is one-fifth to one-half the amount charged by other local institutions for a bachelor’s degree.

I am a student at IUP. May I take classes here in the CCAC/IUP Collaborative Program?

No. Courses in this program are limited only to CCAC students who are admitted to this program.

Where will I graduate?

You will graduate with your associate degree in Early Education at the CCAC ceremony in Pittsburgh. You will graduate with your Bachelor of Science degree from IUP at the IUP ceremony in Indiana.

Am I eligible for honors?

Yes. When you are in the collaborative program, you are eligible for IUP honors and honor societies, including Kappa Delta Phi and Phi Kappa Phi.

When should I apply?

You should apply during your first semester at CCAC. Applications will be accepted until thirty-five students are selected.

Where do I get an application?

Please stop by your CCAC campus admission or advising center to pick up an application, you can call the CCAC/IUP Collaborative office at 412-237-4501 and an application will be mailed to you, or you may stop by our office to pick up an application. You may also download an application from this website.

What are the requirements for application?

It is recommended that you complete at least 39 applicable credit hours at CCAC before beginning the sophomore year in the program. However, students who have completed at least 36 applicable credit hours at CCAC may still be accepted. Developmental courses do not count toward the program. You must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and be a U.S. citizen, or possess a resident green card. Applicants must submit a one-page statement outlining their goals in education and the teaching profession, the most recent transcript available from CCAC and any other colleges attended, and a confidential reference completed by a CCAC faculty member.

I have a 2.2 GPA from CCAC. May I apply?

Yes, you may submit an application; however, you will not be considered for admission until you get your GPA up to the minimum 3.0 requirement or above.

I took MAT 090. Does it count toward the 36 credits needed for application?

No. Developmental courses (those numbered lower than 100) do not count toward the 36 CCAC credits required before beginning the sophomore year in the program.

I have only 21 credits from CCAC so far, but I am taking 12 credits in the spring. Am I allowed to apply?

Yes. However, your acceptance will be contingent upon completion of 36 credits with a 3.0 GPA.

Do I need a reference?

Yes. You will need to provide a CCAC faculty member with a confidential recommendation form. The faculty member will complete it and place it in a envelope that has been sealed and signed so you may include it with your application.

I have my associate degree from CCAC already. May I apply?

Yes. But you should also be currently enrolled at CCAC and taking courses that count toward the CCAC/IUP Collaborative Program. If accepted, you will not be entering the program as a junior. Rather, you will still have a minimum of three years left in the program.

Does it cost anything to apply?

There is no cost to apply.

What happens when I apply?

The IUP Admissions staff will review your application to see that it is complete. If anything is missing, you will be informed. It is your responsibility to send complete application materials to the Admissions Office.

Do all of my CCAC credits apply to the program?

Not necessarily. Unless you started taking CCAC credits with this program in mind and took only those accepted by the program, not all of your credits will apply. However, those additional credits will prepare you to be a better teacher. An IUP coordinator will discuss with you which credits apply.

What courses do I need to take?

There is a detailed Suggested Sequence of Coursework (PDF) that clearly shows what CCAC courses and IUP courses to take.

What about transfer credits from another university?

You must first have them transferred and evaluated by CCAC. An IUP coordinator will determine which of these apply to the program. There is a statute of limitations on the age of past credits, and there is a maximum of 30 transfer credits from an institution other than CCAC.

Should I send my CCAC transcript to IUP?

Yes. You should include with your application your recent transcript from CCAC and transcripts from any other colleges and universities you have attended.

I heard about a speech and hearing test. What is it?

Students admitted to the program receive speech and hearing screenings, which are administered free of charge by the IUP Speech and Hearing Clinic. The screenings are required during your sophomore year in the program, and are administered on the CCAC Allegheny campus.

How many students are accepted?

The program accepts a maximum of thirty-five students per year. The program is competitive, and not all minimally qualified applicants will be accepted due to the maximum class size of thirty-five.

What do I do when I find out that I’ve been accepted?

Students admitted to the program will receive a letter from the CCAC/IUP program coordinators and also from the IUP Admissions Office. To formally accept the admission, students will pay a fee, which applies to their IUP tuition for Fall semester. Information about this fee will be mailed to your home address.

When are the courses offered and where?

IUP courses are weekday, daytime courses. All courses will be offered at the CCAC Allegheny campus, and a few may be offered online. The CCAC courses required for the program may be daytime, evening, distance education, or weekend courses according to the schedule of classes for each campus.

If I already have 60 credits from CCAC, how long will it take me to finish the program?

It depends on how many of those credits apply toward the program. If you are admitted into the program, it will take a minimum of three years.

Where will I be placed for field experiences?

Field placements will be in a culturally diverse, urban setting in the greater Pittsburgh area.

Where will I student teach?

Student teaching placements will be in the greater Pittsburgh area. If interested, CCAC/IUP students may also student teach in Philadelphia, Pa., as well as many international sites.

How many math classes are required?

There are two college math courses required, as well as two teaching of mathematics courses.

Do I have to take CCAC classes at the Allegheny campus only?

No. Students may take their CCAC credits at any of the campuses.

Do I have to take summer courses?

Due to the intense schedule of this program, most students will need to take CCAC summer classes to keep pace with the sequence.

How do I get books for IUP courses?

The program has coordinated book orders. You may purchase your books for IUP courses at the CCAC Allegheny campus bookstore or online.

What if I fall behind in my coursework?

You need to keep pace with the IUP courses, or you will not graduate as expected. Additionally, you must take the CCAC courses in a timely manner.

How many courses does IUP offer?

IUP offers twenty-one courses for a total of 61 credits. This includes student teaching.

Is it possible to “fast track” the IUP coursework and finish earlier?

No. This is not possible due to prerequisites.

What about grades?

You must maintain a minimum of a 3.0 GPA to be retained in the program. There are no exceptions to this IUP College of Education requirement. Additionally, there are specific minimum grade requirements for some courses. An IUP coordinator can tell you more about those. You will receive separate grade reports for your CCAC and IUP courses.

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