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Helpful Websites

I. General Websites for Anthropology

The American Anthropological Association 

The Society for Applied Anthropology 

Guides to the Anthropology Collection at the  IUP Library 

Latest News in Anthropology

Anthropology Resources on the Internet (ARI) 

National Association for Student Anthropologists 

National Association for the Practice of Anthropology 

Funding and Support for Anthropology Studies

Archaeology/Anthropology Resources (Did beer come before bread?)

II.  Archaeology Websites

Underwater Archaeology

Nordic Underwater Archaeology

National Association of State Archaeologists

Society for American Archaeology

Protecting Archaeological Sites Today

The Welcome Museum of Egyptian Antiquities

III.  Physical Anthropology Websites

Prominent Hominid Fossils

Forensic Science Programs 

Neanderthal Museum Homepage

East African Research Sites

African Primates at Home

The Electronic Zoo of Primates

IV.  Cultural Anthropology Websites

Environment in Latin America Network

Environmental Anthropology 

Society of Ethnobiology 

Center for World Indigenous Studies 

Indigenous Peoples' Literature

Native American Cultural Society

Ancient Mesoamerican Writing

Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford

Major Cultural Anthropology Links, California State University

Ethnomusicology Resources on the Web

V.  Linguistics Websites

Ethnologue--Languages of the World

The Human-Languages Page

Center for Applied Linguistics

Ancient Scripts of the World 

The Linguist List

VI.  Internship/Job-Search Websites

Careers and Jobs

Field school opportunities posted by the American Anthropological Association 


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