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Finding a Career in Anthropology

Provided by the IUP Department of Anthropology and the IUP Anthropology Club


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Anthropology: Education for the 21st Century
Books Recommended
Resources for a career in Anthropology: Recommended books
Career Advantages
Anthropology's Career Advantages
Career Paths
Career Paths: Academic, Corporate, Nonprofit, or Government
Career Possibilities
What job opportunities are possible for the Anthropology major?
Getting Started
Getting Started: Working backwards from the ideal first job
Internships and Volunteering: Feedback and Apprenticeship
Job Listings
Internet sites: Job hunting for the anthropologist
Job Titles
Selected “Career Titles” for Anthropology majors to consider
Networking and devising a career development strategy
Postbaccalaureate Options
What options does an undergraduate Anthropology major have after the bachelor's degree?
Resume Help
Skills to develop and include on a resume
Skills Learned
What does Anthropology teach that is useful outside the college setting?
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