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Minor in Asian Studies

This minor is designed to increase students’ knowledge of the world’s largest, most populous, and most diverse continent. Its purpose is to provide a focus area within liberal studies requirements of the IUP curriculum.

The minor supplies an opportunity to increase students’ understanding of Asian cultures, environments, and peoples. It adds depth to the liberal studies portion of the students’ program, enhances job skills, and prepares students for postgraduate programs with area or regional themes.

Students complete a minimum of 18 credits, at least 12 of which must be outside of their major. ASIA 200 is required of all Asian Studies minors. At least four courses (12 credits), including at least two different departmental prefixes, must come from Category A: Exclusively Asia-Focused. One Asian “Critical Language” course may apply to the Category A requirement. The remaining course may come from either Category A or Category B: Substantially Asia-Focused. Special topics and independent study courses may be applied to either category with the approval of the Asian Studies Committee. Students who complete courses through established study-abroad centers in an Asian country can apply for credit towards the Asian Studies Minor. Each request for transfer credit will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Asian Studies Committee.

Required Course: ASIA 200 Introduction to Asian Studies

Category A: Exclusively Asia-Focused Courses are devoted to a combination or subset of the following topics: the continent of Asia (as defined by International Geographical Union convention), its physical environments, and the social systems and cultures indigenous to the region.

Category B: Substantially Asia-Focused Courses have significant material specifically about the continent of Asia, its physical environments, and the social systems and cultures indigenous to the region. The remainder of the course material establishes relevant comparisons and contexts for Asian themes.

For more information, see the Undergraduate Catalog.

Course Requirements

Minor–Asian Studies (1, 2) 
Credits: 18

Course Name Course Number Course Credits Total Credits
Required Course: 
Introduction to Asian Studies
ASIA 200 3  
Category A:
Exclusively Asia-Focused (3)
Cultural Area Studies: China ANTH/SOC 272 3
Cultural Area Studies: Southeast Asia ANTH/SOC 273 3  
Introduction to Asian Art ARHI 224 3  
Art of Japan ARHI 423 3  
Art of China ARHI 425 3  
Geography of East Asia GEOG 256 3  
Geography of South and Southeast Asia GEOG 257 3  
History of East Asia HIST 206 3  
History of the Islamic Civilization HIST 330 3  
Modern Middle East HIST 331 3  
Modern Early China HIST 332 3  
History of Modern China HIST 334 3  
History of Modern Japan HIST 337 3  
Political Systems: Asia PLSC 383 3  
Political Systems: Middle East PLSC 384 3  
Buddhist Thought and Practice RLST 220 3  
Eastern Philosophy RLST 311 3  
Religions of China and Japan RLST 370 3  
Advanced Studies in Buddhism RLST 373 3  
Religions of India RLST 375 3  
Islam RLST 380 3  
Racial and Ethnic Minorities SOC 362 3  
Asian Critical Languages: 3cr each  
Arabic I, II, III, IV CRLG 101/151/201/251  
Chinese I, II, III, IV CRLG 102/152/202/252  
Hindi I, III, IV CRLG 105/155/205/255  
Japanese I, II, III, IV CRLG 108/158/208/258  
Korean I, II, III, IV CRLG 109/159/209/259  
Category B:
Substantially Asia-Focused:
Intercultural Business Communication BTST 342 3  
Economic Development I ECON 339 3  
International Trade (Asia case study) ECON 345 3  
International Finance (Asia case study) ECON 346 3  
Comparative Economic Systems ECON 350 3  
Ethnic American Literature ENGL 344 3  
The Literature of Emerging Nations ENGL/FNLG 396 3  
Global Literature ENGL 397 3  
Global Genres ENGL 398 3  
Geography of the Non-Western World GEOG 104 3  
Geography of Russia and the Soviet Sphere GEOG 254 3  
Comparative Management MGMT 452 3  
International Competitiveness MGMT 454 3  
Seminar in International Management MGMT 459 3  
International Business MKTG 350 3  
International Marketing MKTG 430 3  
World Politics PLSC 101 3  
Comparative Government II:
Non-Western Political Systems
PLSC 285 3  
World Religions RLST 110 3  
  1. The topics in such courses as ENGL 399 Major Global Authors, HIST 403 Topics in Non-Western History, and ITST 281 Special Topics in Non-Western Studies vary (check with instructor). When concerned with Asian Studies, these courses can count towards the Asian Studies minor with the approval of the program coordinator.
  2. With the program coordinator’s approval, three credits of an internship (493) may be counted towards the Asian Studies minor.
  3. Courses need to be in at least two different prefixes.
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