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End of Year 2006-2007

Goal 1 – Tending our individual and collective wagons! 

Goal 2 – Enrollment and Scheduling

1. Maintain 6 cohorts (3 school and 3 community) for Pittsburgh.    

 We have the complete 3rd MED, and have completed 6 cohorts.  The 1st  school cohort graduated and the 4th school cohort was admitted, and 9th MA cohort.

2. Review sequence of courses for Pittsburgh Programs.   

 We reviewed and made changes (adjust not overloading program).

3. Revise "tri-semester schedule" for CACREP.  

 We completed tri-semester.

4. Utilize additional create electives for licensure and current students, which would increase credit hour production.   

 We added one course per semester and created 3 year permit schedule that included electives.

5. Work with Graduate School to ensure high quality applicant pools. 

 2 times the number of applicants-school has increased in quality MED and MA has decreased in quality.

Special Recognition and Thanks to: Tri-semester: Drs. Branthoover, L'Amoreaux, Guth, Witchel, Dandeneau. Extra Admissions Work: Drs. Witchel, Dandeneau and Paul Sandusky. General Admissions: Everyone

Goal 3 - Curriculum

1. Complete COUN 737 (Advance Counseling Theory) & COUN 674 (Addictions and Addictions Counseling) curriculum proposals.   

 Completed by Drs. Witchel and Branthoover

2. Submit curriculum proposals (CACREP) in early fall.  

 13 curriculum proposals were submitted in fall course descriptions and titles, and prerequisites made it through process with minor provisions.

3. Tri-semester schedule committee needs to meet and revise the schedule to address CACREP requirements.  

 Completed by Drs. Branthoover, Guth, Witchel, Dandeneau and L'Amoreaux.

4. Doctoral Program - distribute needs assessment to alumni, agencies, current  students, regarding justification for launching.  Write Notification of Intent in the Fall.      

 Needs assessment completed by Drs. Witchel, Dandeneau, and Marshak.  Still need to get information from Dean.

5. Full curriculum review - complete packet of syllabi of record.

 Completed full curriculum review and complete packet of syllabi of record.

 Special Recognition and Thanks to: General Curriculum: Drs. Witchel and Branthoover. CACREP Curriculum: Dr. L'Amoreaux. Doctoral Program: Drs. Marshak, Witchel, and Dandeneau. Full Curricula Review: Everyone.

6. Advising workshop (recommend) for all department faculty.   

  Postponed advising workshop to Fall 2007.

Goal 4 - In-Service and Professional Development Outreach

 We have:

1.Completed: Distribute brochures to area districts and agencies

2.Completed: Determine the feasability of WPIC videoconference series.

3.Completed: Other possible topics workshops: AIDS ***Needs assessment

4.Completed: Possible co-sponsorship of Allegheny School Counselors Association meeting

5.Completed: 1/07 School Counselor Professional Development Day

Special Recognition and Thanks to: Presenters on 10/28/06, students and graduate assistants, COE Dean, Dr. Lucky-Student Affairs, Colleen-Allegheny County, Advisory Board, CCTS, Departmental Business, IUP Research Institute

Goal 5 - Enhancement of the Monroeville Program

1. Ongoing

2. Mail, speakers, blinds

3. Used collaborations; move more towards site-based collaborations

Special Recognition and Thanks to: Drs. Guth, Branthoover, and Witchel, Paula Sandusky, Patsy, Graduate School staff, graduate assistants

Goal 6 - Clinical Space 

Penn Center #1,2,3

1. Acquired technology fee grant money and acquired additional funds for Digital Counselor Training Facility in Monroeville

2. Equipment has been ordered and is currently being delivered

3. Equipment is scheduled to be installed this summer

4. Equipment for last year was assessed and additional TV, VCR, and DVD carts were purchased

 Campus #1

1. Equipment and software installed in faculty offices for session viewing

Special Recognition and Thanks to: Drs. Dandeneau, Guth, and Branthoover, Chris Barber, Lloyd Onyett, Brad Smith, George Rogers, and IRIS folks.

Goal 8 - Advisory Board 

1. Added one more Monroeville member, more equivalent MA & MEd membership, rotation voluntary, utilized newsletter for recruitment (ongoing).

2. Use of alumni listserv (continues) and mmore use of email for communication.

3. Completed Fall and Spring meeting - board gave departmental feedback (i.e. newsletter).

4. Resolved - no ACT 48 and CEU's

5. Results of CACREP survey presented and board meeting.

Special Recognition and Thanks to: Dr. L'Amoreaux - CACREP, Drs. Branthoover and Desmond for chairing the advisory board, Dr. Dandeneau - alumni listserv and Doctoral Survey, Dr. McCarthy, CCTS, Dr. Bruno - presentation and introduction to the board.

Goal 11 – Faculty Professional Development
Goal 12 – Expansion of the Monroeville Program to include a School Counseling Masters

1. Had faculty attend CCTS workshops

2. Faculty have used professional development to attend a variety of conferences and workshops.

Special Recognition and Thanks to:

Dr. McCarthy!!!

Goal 13 – Program Recognition-Public Relations

1. Was a general goal addressed by subsequent goals, we will omit this goal for 2007-2008.

2. Completed via Alumni Newsletter and Counselor Link

3. Continued Newsletter to students and alumni

4. Continued faculty involvement in local, state, international and national conferences

5. PCA couldn't fund give away, but sponsored PCA Executive Council meeting at Penn Center instead

6. Completed - Distinguished Almuni nomination for Mr. Jerry Salandro of IRIS Tech, Inc.

Special Recognition and Thanks to: Dr. Witchel - Newsletter, Dr. McCarthy Center and IUP press release and IUP Reporter representative, Dr. Branthoover and Dr. Desmond - Advisory Board, Dr. Branthoover and Dr. Guth - site supervisors.

Special Accomplishments:


2. CCTS Workshops

3. Presentations at local and national conferences

Goal 14 – Faculty Searches

1. Completed all goals with 2 hires

2. Attempted diversity particularly with regard to gender, male candidate turned down our offer

Special Recognition and Thanks to: Search committee - Drs. Witchel, Dandeneau, Bruno, Branthoover and Guth.  Human Resources: Debbie Wardo. COE-ET Deans office: Dr. Rafoth and Ms. Koslezki.

Goal 15 – Pursue CACREP Accreditation. 

1.  Completed - submitting self-study early fall semester (electronic)

2. Completed - submitting curriculum proposals

3. Completed curriculum review

4. Site visits - both sites; follow through with recommendations of board

5. Examied doctoral programs with CACREP standards in mind

Special Recognition and Thanks to: Dr. L'Amoreax, Dr. McCarthy, graduate assistants, all faculty.

Goal 16 - Research and Grants

1. Did not complete a grants brainstorming workshop

2. Did not complete a grant writing workshop

3. Not applicable - see #1 and #2 above

4. Obtained one small grant from ACES and submitted federal elementary school counseling grant with Central Cambria School District

5. Conducted two contracted workshops through CCTS

6. Did not consider a white paper for federal funds for crisis

Special Recognition and Thanks to:

Dr. Desmond - ACES grant, Dr. Dandeneau - Federal elementary school counseling grant, Dr. McCarthy - CCTS.

Contracted Workshops: Dr. Witchel, Dr. Branthoover

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