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End of Year 2000-2001

 The Faculty and Staff of the Counseling Department will work to:


1.  Develop, plan, and implement a five year self-study.

The department, under the leadership of Dr. Nadene L'Amoreaux, has begun work on the five year review which is scheduled to be completed by Spring 2002. The Charge of the review is to examine the effectiveness of the curriculum that we have recently revised and implemented. The actual self-study questions are :

1.      Do recent state licensure and Department of Education certification initiatives impact the current curriculum? If so, how?

2.      In what ways is the new curriculum reflective of the types of knowledge, skills and experiences needed by graduates entering the counseling field?

3.      Do our graduates feel well prepared with the necessary knowledge, skills and experiences to succeed in their professional positions?

4.      Do field supervisors and employers find our students knowledgeable and skillful with regard to their professional positions?

5.      What have been the strengths and weaknesses of the implementation process for the new curriculum?

The self-study involves extensive data collection from multiple sources. Dr. Dandeneau wishes to thank all the individuals who contributed their thoughts, opinions, and reflections to help inform the self-study in its efforts to enhance the curriculum and students learning experience.

2.  Engage in a comprehensive review of all departmental syllabi and explore ways to connect and integrate learning across all courses. Upon completion of the review, modify course syllabi to reflect the integrated learning experiences and incorporate a general portfolio plan that includes assignments from several core courses.  As a result of the review process, develop consistent standards for our practicum courses to ensure uniformity of student experiences across instructors. When feasible explore and enhance opportunities for more team teaching and the possibility of a developing a departmental teaching circle which includes all faculty.


This is in process and will occur in conjunction with the five-year review.

3.  Develop and implement a process to conduct yearly student reviews.

Dr. Janet Fontaine has agreed to take a leadership role with respect to the student review process. Faculty will now set aside one day per semester to engage in an individualized student review. After the review, students will be sent a personalized letter which will inform them of the result of this review.

4.  Adopt a set of technology competencies for students and faculty. 

The ACES standards for competency with respect to were adopted by faculty.

5.  Prepare and recruit for the Fall 2001 Monroeville cohort group.

6.  Work to secure a permanent FTE faculty position to support the Monroeville Masters program.

7.  Develop a plan to coordinate the usage of the clinical space that includes collaboration with the Educational Psychology department. Explore with the help of the COE Dean's Office and the Graduate School and Research the possibility of obtaining external/internal monies for the development of the departmental clinical space.

8.  Evaluate and revise the departmental admission workshop.

9.  Utilize the Community Advisory Board  to explore departmental and, depending on feasibility, develop a training/workshop for practitioners. This could be a workshop Series offered for CE units. Additionally, enhance our alumni relations and work towards more alumni involvement in departmental activities and increase alumni donations to the Counseling Department Foundation or the Spinelli Scholarship Foundation. Explore the possibility of a reunion to celebrate the 40th year anniversary of the department.

10.  Increase departmental diversity and develop a departmental community that values and appreciates diversity. Explore programs to help attract and retain all minority students.

11. Develop and further on-campus and off-campus partnerships with: 

  • The University School
  •  The Counseling Center
  •  Special Education Department
  •  Local School Districts

12. Work in collaboration with CESA and CSI to determine and address the needs of entering students. Facilitate, through increased faculty involvement, expansion and activities of the Counseling Student Association (CESA) and CSI-IUP.

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