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Goals 2005-2006

 2005-2006 Goals

Goal 1 – Focus on Support and Encouragement


This year’s theme – The Giant Redwoods – “We will stand together … support one another ... encourage one another… we will become stronger together, and like the giant redwoods, we will keep growing taller.

We will use this theme to assist the department and the faculty maintain a sense of connectedness and unity as we adapt to departmental losses, and college and university changes.  We have also assigned each temporary faculty member with a faculty mentor.  This mentor will help with logistics and also help us with the oversight of NCATE standards.

Goal 2 – Enrollment and Scheduling

Goals 2a – Enrollment

We have a commitment from management to staff the third cohort of the MED in Monroeville with a start date of Fall 2006.  This would add an additional 25-27 students, each taking 6 credits per semester (150-162 credit hours per semester and 450 -486 credit hours per year).  This growth is possible only if a new and bigger Monroeville site is operational at that time.  Dr. McCarthy represents the department on the University wide committee for the acquisition of a new Monroeville site and hi is tracking its progress and championing the needs of the department.  If space is available, Dr. Witchel will lead the recruiting efforts.

Using the additional complement from replacing Dr. Fontaine, we will offer an additional elective in the spring.  Our intent will be to offer a 3 credit course with a target enrollment of 20 students (enhancing our productivity by 60 credit hours).

Goal 2b – Scheduling

We will continue to have three semesters planned.  Spring is completed and in early Fall we will be planning Summer 2006 and Fall 2007.

Goal 3 - Curriculum


We will complete the Advanced Theory Course and the Creativity in Counseling Course and move them through the University Senate.  We will start an Addictions Counseling course through the curriculum process.

We will set up a sub-committee to examine the clinical and sequence courses and also the specific requirements for each experience.

We will announce the tri-semester schedule changes to all the campus students in a memo sent with the Fall Counselor Link

We plan to expand our WEBCT usage for course delivery and possibly expand our on-line course offerings.  Drs. Utay, L’Amoreaux, Guth, and McCarthy have all expressed an interest in this initiative.

We will continue to explore the possibility of a doctoral program.  The task group will continue examining critical issues including curriculum, finances, and APSCUF.

Goal 4 - In-Service and Professional Development Outreach


Dr. McCarthy, the new official director of the Center for Counseling Training and Services, will begin offering these professional development activities through the newly acquired Center!   Basically, we will offer regional workshops for counseling professionals, internship supervisors, alumni, and students in both the Indiana and Pittsburgh areas and to begin the exploration of collaborative training and service projects with school districts and counseling agencies in Western Pennsylvania.  We will insure that the efforts of the Center are widely publicized.

Goal 5 - Enhancement of the Monroeville Program


We will strive to maintain a good working relationship with Paula Sandusky, the Director of Marketing, Recruiting, and Off-Campus Programs of the School of Graduate Studies and Research.

We will be actively involved in the acquisition of a new site for Monroeville.  Dr. McCarthy will represent the department on the University-wide committee and report progress back to the department.  If a new site is acquired, we will host an open house alumni gathering.

We will appoint a “point person” to serve as field placement coordinator for Monroeville.

Goal 6 - Clinical Space 


We plan to add to our campus and Monroeville facilities.  We have allocated $3,420 for additional cameras and connections to faculty offices for the campus facilities.  Plus, $1,625 for five new chairs of the campus clinical rooms) Also, we have $5,200 for four learning stations (camera/tripod, VCR/DVD combo, and Monitor) for the new Monroeville site – these funds will be “held” until site plans have been finalized.

Due to the limited space on the Landros, we will utilize a committee made up of all the instructors for clinical classes, both children and adolescents/adults courses, for a semester and those faculty interesting in conducting research using the DCTF) to make decisions regarding usage.  It is hoped that a policy for usage will evolve from this committee.

Dr. Dandeneau and the coordinator of the DCTF will work with the Dean to get funding to acquire 5 additional ($25,000) Landros for the campus facilities and 10 ($50,000) Landros for the new Monroeville site.

Goal 7 - PDE/NCATE Review


Since we are in the final stages of preparation for NCATE, our goal is to respond to all requests for new/additional items in a timely fashion.

Dr. Witchel’s new graduate assistant will be taking on the role of portfolio training.  CESA has requested that additional trainings be conducted in Fall 2006.  We will conduct 1-2 trainings this academic year.  Faculty teaching the introductory courses will introduce the portfolio and faculty in Field will review portfolios.

Goal 8 - Advisory Board 


The department remains committed to actively engaging the Board.  We will work closely with them to implement the changes that we recommended last year.  We will also ask them to review the newsletter and get their feedback for adding a contributions checklist for specific items needed by the department.  The department has chosen not to celebrate our 40th anniversary, instead we will celebrate the department’s 50th department anniversary.

Goal 9 – Middle States Accreditation


In keeping with the University’s accreditation process, the department will work to achieve the goals as set by the Middle States Committees. The department will respond to Middle States requests as they are presented to the department.

Goal 11 – Faculty Professional Development


We have recommitted to the goal of enhancing each other’s professional development.  We have agreed to use the first 45 minutes (12:15pm – 1:00pm) of one faculty meeting per month for professional development.

Goal 12 – Expansion of the Monroeville Program to include a School Counseling Masters


The expansion of the Monroeville program will continue.  In the Summer of 2006, we will admit the third MED cohort for Fall 2006. With the admission of this cohort, we will have three cohorts, of the MA and MEd, operational at any given time.  The projected expansion for the 3rd MEd cohort is possible only if a new and bigger Monroeville site is operational at the time.  Dr. McCarthy represents the department of the University wide committee for the acquisition of a new Monroeville site and he is tracking its progress and championing the needs of the department.  There is a need to insure that the technology and supervision capabilities available to students and professors on campus be made available to students at the Monroeville site.

Goal 13 – Program Recognition-Public Relations


We will appoint an individual to spearhead the department’s PR efforts.  We will strive to have information in each issue of the IUP Reporter.  We also will strive to increase our presence at PCA and PSCA.  With the National ACES conference in Pittsburgh, we will also strive to have a presence there as well.

Goal 14 – Faculty Searches


With the resignation of Dr. Rishel, the addition of the 2nd and 3rd MEd cohorts, and the probable loss of Dr. Fontaine.  We will have the need to conduct 3-4 searches (3 without the 3rd MEd cohort and 4 with the 3rd MEd cohort.  Authorizations for replacement faculty will be obtained.  A committee will be formed to establish the position descriptions and conduct the searches.  It is anticipated that the searches will conclude in early March.

Goal 15 – Pursue CACREP Accreditation


We have agreed, and the Dean has concurred, that we should pursue CACREP accreditation for our programs.  A tentative timeline has been set to prepare the self-study in 2005-2006 with the intent of having the site visit in 2006-2007.  As logistical and financial issues related to accreditation arise Dr. Dandeneau will present to Dean Rafoth for action.

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