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Spirituality and Religion

Browse at your leisure.  Each site listed below is identified by name, URL, and includes a brief review by the student.  The student's name is listed at the end of the review.  This page will be updated often as students submit new sites.

The Association for Spiritual, ethical, and religious values in counseling (ASERVIC) is  a division of the ACA.  On their site you can the white paper entitled Spirituality that does a great job of defining spirituality (vs. religion), and provides links to the past few years of newsletters that the organization published.  Although these two areas were helpful, that was the extent of usefulness for this reviewer.  This website would benefit from further development. "Nancy"

his website is intended for people who are interested in Christian counseling or finding a AACC counselor. This site offers a code of ethics for counselors associated with the organization.  You can also find various reference materials books, video, and audio in addition to chat rooms, and on-line testing.

Rev. Bob Burney of Columbus, Ohio began Cross power Ministries, an organization that helps Christians understand what he calls "victorious Christian living".  He feels the truth offers a deep insight into recognizing the treasures that God intends for all believers. The site includes devotional focused messages written to inspire your faith and challenge your soul.  It also includes retreat information, and resources to provide spiritual guidance, including Bible studies and translation tools. This site is for all of us and will benefit many, including those considering a vocation in Spiritual or Christian counseling. *Cynthia*

Peacemaker Ministries provides information about a program set to equip and assist Christians and their churches to respond to conflict biblically. This ministry’s goal is to provide Christian counseling to work with the challenges of everyday life, with marriage, parenting, women issues, and home schooling. They also offer conferences and training on their theories. In their web site they also list their limitations and copyrights which shows their professionalism and history of their ministry. This web site would benefit counselors as well as clients. It is a different technique that might be what a Christen needs to work through everyday problems. ~Sherri~

New Life is a Christian-based counseling website which offers online counseling for a fee, referrals to counselors across the country, weekly "Free Tips" for coping with a variety of problems, such as addictions, anger, depression, relationships, grieving, health and well-being.  The site archives audio files of the daily call-in radio show which is hosted by a team of psychiatrists and  psychologists. There is also a Q&A page where emailed questions and corresponding answers are posted. The site advertises the fact that their toll free a 24 hour call-in center receives 20,000 calls per month from people seeking mental health resources and advice.  Counselors can join the network with a paid membership.  I listened to some of the audio files and I was impressed by the gracious responses to the people who called the radio show. 

I found a unique mix of both psychological and theological understanding of how we work on this site.  Very well thought out and makes a strong case for clinical counseling with biblical truth and an individuals faith to work through issues and personal problems. [Mark]  

Spiritual Counseling with Fred Fassett is a Transformative Experience!” This site is about how one can heal his or her problems with the assistance of psychic Fred Fassett.  With the use of spiritual counseling, and the help of Fred and a spirit guide, one can not only find the solution to some of life’s problems, but also participate in the healing of the planet, and discovering a higher purpose in life.  American Express, MasterCard, and Visa are accepted by Fred in order to obtain a psychic reading.  This site was extremely interesting, and perhaps a bit unusual, but it failed to encourage me to hand over my money to Fred.  [Lorie]

The Catholic Charities network is made up of numerous independent, local Catholic Charities agencies and institutions across the nation. Their community-based programs and services provide help and create hope in need each year, regardless of religious, social, or economic backgrounds. Catholic charities have social services such as mental health therapy, adoption, and foster care, and parenting education. Most of the services available with catholic charities is on a sliding scale pricing system. The price goes by the amount of money you make. (Jessica)

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