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Browse at your leisure. Each site listed is identified by name and includes a brief review by a student. The student's name is listed at the end of their review. This page will be updated often, as students submit and review new sites.

Humor Matters has a main focus of the use of positive therapeutic humor in counseling. It is a great website by Steven M. Sultanoff, Ph.D., for something out of the ordinary. It will bring a smile to your face! There are various articles, information on workshops, and general resources on the topic. It is a nice change from the typical! {Katelyn}

Dr. Steve Sultanoff is a clinical psychologist who is working to update the healing-by-laughing way of thinking. His website offers insights about how humor works to heal. He offers many website links that both support his work and offer resources for those who are new to the idea. I do like that he makes a note to advise other professionals that not all clients will be receptive to this form of therapy—he gives examples of ways you can tell whether a client will or will not enjoy this form. He does offer links to online courses that I attempted to access, but they had been taken down. Based on his website offerings, I would be interested in attending one of his seminars. +Lindsay+

But if Not is a link that has cheered me up in the past numerous times and has done the same for others. While not a typical run of the mill site it reminds me of the fact that sometimes a good laugh allows me to put things into a different perspective, not to mention it “claims” to be a valuable assessment tool. {Jared}

Allen Klein, "The Jollytologist", is a wonderful site for clients and counselors alike. He is a humor therapist, and has published several books and many articles. His site is full of chuckles (sometimes rather sappy but funny nevertheless) and also lots of information about this form of therapy, which has been documented to reduce stress and have measurable physiological benefits. The site is easy to navigate, and there is info about how to contact him for a speaking engagement. What a class that would be! ~Katherine~

Using humor in counseling to help clients feel better and act differently. This web site discusses how humor can be effective in therapeutic intervention. Jokes, kids’ riddles, and notable quotes are also included. <Kandi>

Get Funny with Psychologists offers those interested in psychology a form of comic relief. It has many different jokes and funny scenarios Associated with psychologists, patients, disorders, etc. I liked this website because we all need to laugh sometimes, and many of the jokes are really funny (to me!). You be the judge. [Yvonne]

Psychology Humor - There is humor and then there is some stuff that can almost be too hip for the room. These folks are quite funny, in a rather thought-provoking kind of a way. In particular, check out The Cat Test, Freud on Seuss, Why God Never Received a Ph.D., and the bumperstickers. I do realize that this is a serious assignment, but come on, lighten up a little. (Mark)

Mental Health Net Humor of the Day - After all of those Frank and Ernest cartoons, this was just too good to pass on. I would imagine that some of the humor would be lost on folks not familiar with the field. However, for those of us all too familiar with the issues and people that fill our daily lives, this one is certainly worth a chuckle or too. (Mark) (Page no longer found)

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