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Browse at your leisure. Each site listed is identified by name and includes a brief review by a student. This page will be updated often.

National Institute on Aging is focused on health and research for those who are aging. The website contains an abundance of information that is good, not only for the elderly, but people of all ages as well. It is rather easy to navigate and has links to information on health and research right on the first page. This site is very resourceful being that there are documents, articles, and studies that focus on issues of all types. I was able to find resources for senior depression, Alzheimer’s, supplements to take, organizations, men’s and women’s health, and general information on getting older and body changes. This website is very useful and has information for Caregivers as well as community professionals. They also have publications in Spanish. The NIA did an excellent job covering a multitude of areas with one easy-to-use site. {Katelyn}

The Institute of Alcohol Studies website contains alarming statistics and facts on the elderly population in relation to alcohol abuse. In my opinion this combination (the elderly and alcohol) is not given significant focus. This site enlightens researchers to the size of the problem, changing patterns, diagnostic information and services for the elderly. ~Nick~

My mom agreed with me that this is a useful website. She is going through menopause, and I had her take a look. This site is by Lenore M. Pomerance, LICSW. The home page welcomes you, and gives you some basic info about her and the site. There is a phone number to contact her, and an opportunity to join her newsletter. The first section I opened gives more background information about her. The next section is titled Useful Information. This briefly explains more about menopause, and has a list of books she recommends. There is an option to purchase these books here. The next two sections contain articles she has written about menopause. There is a lot of information offered on this site, and there is also a link to a page that offers women the opportunity to join a menopause support group. ~Erin~

This is a beautiful website on counseling for the aging. The site is called the SENEX Eldercare Counseling and Training. This site gives a picture of the building. The name of the location is the Fairhill Center for Aging. The site gives information about what the facility offers. The site has 10 different subtopics that you can click on. Some of the subheadings link you to other sites for more additional related information. This site gives resources for counseling for the aging. The site gives you valuable information about alternatives for housing the aging. It provides directions to the facility and mentions that it is easy accessible for wheelchairs. One of the subheadings gives you a map to the clinic. The site also discusses other programs that the facility offers. This site would be good for a person that is in search of information for placing elderly into facilities that not only service their housing needs but also their mental health issues. I enjoyed the site because it was very easy to read. The pages gave a good description about what is offered at the facility. I especially liked the link because it listed the name of the counselor and his title.( just in case a person wanted to do more research) Overall the site gives you a warm feeling that one should feel when they are looking for resources for their aging loved ones.

Welcome to the Alzheimer’s Association. This is an abbreviated website which includes information helpful to the professional treating caregivers and family members of an aging adult who is experiencing the deteriorating effects of the disease. The site offers general information about the illness, answers to typically asked questions, evaluation of the care, current research findings, and information about the Alzheimer’s Association. The site indicates the value of the Association in terms of services it provides and changes it initiates/facilitates within the care system for those afflicted by the ailment. (Jennifer)

  • Counseling Department
  • Stouffer Hall, Room 206B
    1175 Maple Street
    Indiana, PA 15705
  • Phone: 724-357-2306
  • Fax: 724-357-7821
  • Office Hours
  • Monday through Friday
  • 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
  • 1:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.