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Browse at your leisure. Each site listed is identified by name and includes a brief review by a student. The student's name is listed at the end of their review. This page will be updated often, as students submit and review new sites.

Justice Related Services of Allegheny County website is useful for both clients and mental health professionals in Allegheny County. It provides a description of services given to individual involved with the criminal justice system with mental health and/or substance abuse issues. It explains the need to help these individuals reintegrate into the community and be given the chance to succeed, as well as the success rate it has had in supporting these individuals. +Dyan+

Fortune Society, based in New York City, is an agency whose mission is to assist ex-convicts to readjust to living in a community outside of prisons and to become productive members of society. Their website outlines their various services that are provided to ex-convicts, such as employment services, drug abuse counseling, family counseling, education services, and housing assistance. Also listed are resources and links related to criminal justice, statistics, mental health, healthcare, education, and employment for ex-convicts across the country. There are many links for people seeking alternatives to incarceration. One interesting note about this agency is that 70 percent of their staff is comprised of former convicts. This attests to their strong belief in peer support. The Fortune Society has been in existence since 1966, and it looks as though they are a strong-willed organization with a firm belief in the ability of people to change. +Brian+

Criminal Justice Coalition in Texas shows tools for re-entry into society after leaving the criminal justice system. It shows resources for inmates in Texas plus their families. This particular section caught my eye because it’s psychological services for juveniles. It is very informative about the service and provides contact information that includes email. The family can be involved and they can see exactly what each service has to give (they have different choices which are nice). The services have very good ideas to help juveniles (who are our future) get back into the world. The program descriptions are in depth and do provide clients with plenty of help. {Monique}

The Sexual Abuse Treatment, Referral, Resource and Research Page is a website that assists clinicians in gaining information on all aspects of sex offender treatment. Matthew Rosenberg, MSW, has written a book called," Understanding, Assessing, and Treating Sexual Offenders". This book is available for purchase on the website. There are many helpful links that cover areas such as, "Internet and Sex Addiction"," Victims of Sexual Abuse", and "High Risk Behaviors". There are also links for offenders on obtaining treatment and the criminal justice process. It is written in clear, easy to understand language and can be helpful to anyone involved in these difficult issues. ~Debbie~

The Minnesota Center Against Violence and Abuse electronic clearing house has a link called "Limits and Risks of Programs for Wife Batterers." This website is a good resource for a clinician developing a support group for batterers. It addresses common clinical interventions and analyzes treatment effectiveness and outcomes. Many experts from different clinical perspectives weigh in on common treatment practices and has up to the date literature on new approaches in this field. ~Debbie~

Mental Health in Corrections Consortium is dedicated to being a leading voice for mental health providers within the criminal justice system, primarily corrections, and providing the highest quality of training related to MH issues within the CJS. MHCC believes that the development of professional networks is vital to the maintenance and physical well being and ability to help those who utilize our services. <Karen F.>

Prisoners of Love strives to be a support group for friends and families of inmates, both adult and juveniles, and to provide information to help them to keep going in these types of difficult times. It collects stories of love from families, friends and inmates, which show how love can flourish despite the odds. It also offers helpful hints to family members on how to deal with common problems that confront loved ones during times of incarceration. These helpful hints range from fun ideas to help in parenting and expressing love to those behind bars to message boards to links to related sites and everything in between. <Caroline G.>

Center for Sex Offender Management appears to be primarily for mental health professionals, criminal justice people and public policy makers who are interested in prevention of sexual offending. This source provides information about effective treatment within various communities throughout the country. Specifically, the “Resources Site” entails eighteen listings of innovative sex offender management facilities designed to disseminate this specialized information to professionals who are interested in advancing their own practices or for staring a new program. [Barb]

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