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Browse at your leisure. Each site listed is identified by name and includes a brief review by a student. The student’s name is listed at the end of their review. This page will be updated often, as students submit and review new sites.

The AACE is an organization combined of educators, counselors, and other professionals that provide leadership, training, and research in the creation, development, production, and use of assessment and diagnostic techniques. I am currently taking COUN 634: Mental Health Appraisal with Dr. McCarthy and found this site interesting as I am learning about assessment tools and ethics related to using them. This organization helps to educate counselors on the appropriate use of assessment tools and to ensure competence. There is a link on this site to read AACE’s reviews on over fifty tests, such as the Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory, Trauma Symptom Inventory, and the Reynolds Adolescent Depression Scale. "Melissa"

The Educational Resources Information Center is a site designed for professionals who choose to use instruments in their assessment process. It is an excellent resource for finding instruments and getting specific and important information on each of them. The site’s main goals are to provide information regarding educational assessment, to provide resources to encourage responsible test use, and to provide the best resources available. The site also includes a test locator, a full-text on-line library, and a frequently asked questions section. ~Skip~

This website allows you to take the Keirsey Temperament and Character Sorter questionnaires. There are links to ones in various languages as well. Also, once you find out what your category is based on your results, visit the section that explains all about your personality type and some of the characteristics that are shared between individuals. This can be a great self-evaluation tool.

CHECKMATE PLUS is quite interesting and expansive. The site “specializes in the publication of comprehensive assessment instruments designed to effectively screen for the most prevalent DSM IV emotional and behavioral disorders” in children, adolescents, and adults. It includes background information and research on how the screening lists were developed and tested for effectiveness. It also offers samples of how the checklists have been implemented as a diagnostic tool, as well as a free newsletter and information on the newest research in the field of diagnostic tools. The checklists have been used by parents and teachers in effectively assessing for ADHD, oppositional behavior, conduct disorder, and borderline personality in order to develop baseline information for further evaluation. Checklists have been developed to target children in three specific age groups: three to five years, five to twelve years, and twelve to eighteen years, as well as providing symptom inventories for adults. They are effective assessment tool for various mental health, educational, and medical professionals. The site offers specific product information and a bibliography of articles evaluating the tools. This site is invaluable for the professional searching for diagnostic assessment tools. It was easy to navigate and provided valuable, documented information. [Kathy]

Psych Central offers several free mental health assessments and scores them immediately. It is a useful site to look for questions you could ask a client if you suspect something specific is going on with them. This site could also been used together with a client to use as a discussion starter. (Angela)

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