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Browse at your leisure. Each site listed is identified by name and includes a brief review by a student. This page will be updated often.

Survivorship is a site for survivors of ritual abuse, mind control, and torture. It is an excellent site/organization that offers support to survivors of extreme child abuse. The site provides a sense of community and resources to survivors, training and educational opportunities for professionals working with survivors of extreme abuse, and support for survivors, partners, friends, and family members. Their mission is to provide information which validates the experiences of survivors of ritual abuse. In addition, there are books on the subject, a community calendar with a list of conferences, and trainings (some webinars) covering topics such as self-injury, flashbacks, flooding, PTSD, gestalt, and body work. (None of the materials are meant to act as a substitute for therapy; it is peer-to-peer run to offer important information and support.) +Katie+

Kids' Voice provides legal and mental health services to children that have been abandoned, abused, and/or neglected. They use teams of attorneys and child advocacy specialists (Social Workers, Case Workers, Counselors, Child Development Specialists, and Drug and Alcohol Specialists) to provide a comprehensive evaluation so recommendations can be made on behalf of the child to the court system that are in the child’s best interest. Kids Voice provides three voices of advocacy to children- a voice of hope, a voice of rights, and a voice of experience. The child advocacy specialists at Kids Voice specialize in individual and family counseling, substance abuse, child abuse, neglect, and physical and mental disabilities. {Melissa}

Male Survivor is dedicated solely to the sexual victimization of boys and men. It focuses on preventing, coping with, and eliminating all forms of victimization to this population. The website lists several myths and facts regarding the sexual victimization of boys and men, which I find to be very beneficial because this is a topic that is often misunderstood. The website focuses primarily on the boys and men who have recognized and began to cope with their sexual victimization. This website would be much more useful if it were to provide information to those who are not already in the healing process. There is a link which allows individuals to look for therapists or professionals who specialize in dealing with this form of victimization. There is also an entire section dedicated to prevention and education. This website will be very useful to counselors and those clients already on their way to recovery. {Bethany}

Pittsburgh Action Against Rape was created in 1972 in response to an increase in rape-related crime and growing concern throughout Pittsburgh. The facility provides counseling, crisis intervention, legal services, medical education, and phone support for victims and survivors of sexual violence and abuse. The facility also provides counseling and crisis intervention 24 hours a day, seven days a week, by phone. The goal of Counseling at PAAR is to “help survivors manage their emotions and reclaim their body and spirit to begin healing.” {Melissa}

Blackburn Center of Westmoreland County not only provides services for victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, but also provides a wealth of education concerning the patterns that are present in these dynamics. The information is listed in easy to digest segments. This site also can provide insight for significant others who feel helpless and clueless about what is happening to their family member or friend. The sections on Teen Issues and Elder Abuse are clear and concise. Check out the Social Change Position Statement, found under the Publications Library. Lots of food for thought! {Catherine}

Men Against Sexual Violence (MASV) is an initiative that grew from the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape. This group recognizes that sexual violence has not significantly declined since the anti-sexual violence movement of the seventies. A new strategy must be used that involves males of all ages. MASV groups can be found on college campuses, and its members sign a personal pledge to end the violence. This site is informative and particularly helpful for men who have had a friend or loved one victimized by sexual violence. It is an opportunity to take positive action. There is a section about male sexual violence and how to get help. The Myths and Facts about male victims of rape are enlightening. MASV could be a valuable resource for both the counselor and the client. {Catherine}

Prevent Child Abuse is an organization established in 1972 and is committed to preventing child abuse throughout the country. This could be a helpful site for clients or professionals who want to get involved in their communities to help build awareness and provide education about child abuse. The site offers a wealth of resources including publications and a calendar of conferences/events throughout the U.S. {Donna}

PCA (Prevent Child Abuse) is an organization that has developed over America. This may be a beneficial site for a client or a counselor becoming involved with a group that helps prevent child abuse by educated people on the warning signs and the risk factors of child abuse. *Carrie*

Women's Center and Shelter of Pittsburgh (WCS) offers shelter and counseling services to women and children who are victims of domestic violence, offers a men's counseling group, and offers professional development training to staff from other community agencies. This site helps to protect its users with a warning on how their internet searches can be tracked, and instructs on how to cover their track when online. WCS provides education on abuse (what is abuse) as well as education on how to develop and implement a safety plan. They offer a 24 hour hotline, and the location of the shelter is kept confidential. {Marie} lists and discusses all different kinds of abuse from domestic violence to child molestation and so on. It is useful for victims and counselors. It provides an opportunity to participate in discussions. It also provides links to other useful sites. Through these sites, one can find different types of treatment and also behaviors that can arise from abuse.

The information found at this website is about ritual abuse. Ritual abuse is an extreme sadistic form of abuse of children and non-consenting adults. This form of abuse is usually justified by a religious or political ideology. This website would be useful to anybody who is not familiar with type of abuse. It is more common than we would like to think. It is just usually covered up very well. *Heather*

The ASCA (Adult Survivors of Child Abuse) is an individual and group support program for adult survivors of physical, sexual, and emotional child abuse and neglect. This website is a good source of information for counselors. A counselor could refer a patient to this support group if necessary. *Heather*

Domestic Abuse Counseling is a site that I found interesting and one that I would use as a referral resource both personally, with family and friends (since my husband and I are often the ones called upon for advise in crises situations), and professionally. This agency provides counseling for batterers and provides an option for domestic abusers involved in the criminal justice system. DACC's mission is to end domestic abuse in Western Pennsylvania. A description of DACC's treatment model and other information is provided. This site is hosted by the TRFN (Three Rivers Free Net), a web resource for Pittsburgh and Southwestern Pennsylvania, through the Carnegie Library. A list of social service agencies in the Pittsburgh/Allegheny County area is also provided which address various problems/issues. It also provides a "wish list" for some of the agencies, where the agency lists its needs for those willing to make donations. It includes contact persons, addresses.

Symptoms of Emotional Abuse describes in easily understandable terms the behaviors and warning signs indicative of emotional and/or verbal abuse as well as characteristics of abusers. Good section on how to self- evaluate whether or not a relationship is abusive, and why it so often is unrecognized. Provides many links to other related sites.

Male Abuse Survivors' Site is personally designed and maintained by Jim Hopper, Ph.D., a research associate from Boston University. Most of his web publishing efforts are related to his graduate school research, which focuses on the lasting effects of child abuse, particularly on men. When you get to the home page, you have a choice to investigate three topics: scientific research on the controversial issue of recovered memories of sexual abuse; sexual abuse of boys and its lasting effects in the lives of men; and factors in the cycle of violence when abused boys become violent men. Each link choice contains an abstract and excerpt of the original published paper. This website was loaded with fascinating research findings on a subject that is only just beginning to be brought to public attention. [Barb]

The Wounded Healer Journal is primarily for psychotherapists and consumers who have experienced trauma and abuse. A directory listing of topics appears along the right side bar. Within each topic choice is a chat forum on various related subtopics. This is a very useful resource for those who may be geographically isolated and need to find connections with other like-minded individuals who share similar experiences. It may also be a good support resource for professionals, so

Uncovering Memories of Alleged Sexual Abuse: The Therapists Who Do it would be appropriate for either a counselor or a client. The site describes the recent phenomena of clients remembering abuses that allegedly occurred when they were children. (Nena)

The goal of The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers is to prevent sexual abuse by teaching professionals how to manage sex offenders. On this site, the user is able to discover information about the goals of this particular organization. The site offers other resources about sex offenders by recommending books to read and other related sites to visit. This site can be useful to both students and professionals because information about internship and employment opportunities is listed. Also, professionals can post their résumés and clinical experience on the site. (Michelle)

Stop It Now is a non-profit organization that calls attention to the national epidemic of child sexual abuse. This site is designed to educate parents of signs of child sexual abuse and to encourage offenders to seek treatment to stop their abusive behavior. The site offers information, informative newsletters, resources, related links, and stories of hope. Stop It Now is dedicated to ending child sexual abuse in our generation. What a wonderful goal, and I applaud their efforts. I feel clients and counselors would benefit from this site. Take a look! (Elaine)

The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children has been designed as a means of guidance for professionals working with abused and/or neglected children and their families. The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children is a national organization that seems to be a valuable source of information for those in the field. The organization offers training opportunities for organizations and professionals. The site also offers links that can be used to keep up with current public policies. It seems that most of the information that can be accessed on this website must be accessed by a professional who has become a member of this society. (Melissa)

The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) has created a website that can be used as an informative tool for professionals, students, and members of the general public. Members of the general public can access some publications and learn about current research on this topic. Professionals who meet certain requirements can become members of ATSA in order to join a network of others who wish to share information and to advance education in the realm of working with and treating sex offenders. This website seems to offer an abundance of useful information and research sources for individuals who choose to keep up to date with innovations in this subject area. (Melissa)

The Safer Society is a national program focusing on the prevention of sexual abuse and treatment of sex offenders. This website is useful for professionals, organizations, and for members of the general public. The foundation provides informative research material to individuals who either work in the field or to individuals who may be in contact with either a sex offender or with a sexual abuse victim. Specialized information can be requested regarding specific areas of focus of sex offenses. Those who are in contact with a victim or perpetrator of sex offenses can utilize this website as a referral opportunity to locate treatment services and consultation sources. Professionals can use this site to set up or initiate trainings pertaining to this subject matter. This site appears to be a useful resource for anyone who needs more information on sexual-abuse-related offenses. (Melissa)

Survivors and Friends: Support for Survivors of Sexual Abuse, Parents and Partners is a website focused on helping people who have been affected by sexual abuse, rape, or incest. The website offers helpful resources such as a forum where people can connect with others who have survived sexual abuse. There are also lists of relevant articles and books that are helpful during the healing process. The website also offers information on the symptoms of abuse and helps to validates victims' feelings and experiences. I found this website to be a very supportive resource for those victims of sexual abuse and their family. The website offers a lot of positive and empowering information. (Sara—10)

The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence is an organization designed to eradicate domestic violence and educate the public on the widespread issues that touch us all due to domestic violence. (Fawn - 10) is a resource website for someone experiencing domestic violence, or for loved ones who know of someone in an abusive relationship. Their headline, “Domestic violence should not happen to anybody... ever... Period!” is a powerful message alerting those who are abused that they do not deserve to be in a situation where they are physically and/or emotionally abused. The website provides hotlines where those being abused can receive information on how to leave and find protection from their abuser. Information on how to create a safety plan, obtaining legal protective orders, and common myths about domestic violence are also provided. (Adrienne - 10)

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