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Counseling Links

Cool sites are identified by name, and include a brief review by a student in a specific area related to Counseling. 


Information on abuse and neglect.
Information about addictions and substance abuse.
Information on advocacy: Each site listed is identified by name and includes a brief review by a student.
Information on the many types of assessment techniques 
Information on career search and development.
Information on issues associated with corrections
Crisis Intervention
Counseling students weigh in on available crisis-intervention websites.
Death, Dying, and Grief
Information on issues associated with death, dying, and grief management
Information on issues associated with various disabilities
Information on the issues associated with the elderly and aging
Family, Children, and Teens
Information for issues involving the family, children, and teens
Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Issues
Information on GLBT issues
General Mental Health
Information about general mental health issues
Information on issues associated with humor and healing 
Intimate Partner Violence
Informational sites that offer resources and support for people and families who have experienced intimate partner violence.
Parenting (Adoption)
Information on issues associated with parenting and adoption 
Physical Illnesses
Information and resources for coping with physical illnesses
Information on counseling research
Specific Diagnoses
Information on specific diagnoses.
Spirituality and Religion
Information associated with Spiritual and Religious issues
Information on issues associated with various theories 
Therapy Styles
Information on issues associated with various therapies
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