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Baking Courses, First Semester

All courses in the Baking and Pastry program are lab classes.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the Culinary Arts classroom instruction at IUP or another ACF accredited Baking and Pastry Program and instructor approval.

Quick and Laminated Dough

Week One. Quick Breads, Fried Goods, Doughnuts: biscuits, scones, loaves, soda bread, muffins, beignet, fritters, funnel cakes, yeast raised doughnuts, (rings and filled varieties) crullers, french crullers, cake doughnuts

Week Two. Laminated Doughs: Danish Dough: snails, bear claws, figure eight, 3 leaf, pockets, variety fillings (cheese, prune, lekvar, melt away); Coffee Cakes: braided, meltaway, scissor cut; Croissant dough: plain, chocolate, raspberry, almond, raisin, savory ham and cheese; Puff Pastry: palmier, turnover, vol au vent, dumplings, pithivier, allumettes, sausage rolls, arnem chemises

Week Three. Fermented Doughs, Basic Breads: wheat and white bread, oatmeal and whole grain breads, rye bread varieties, bread mixes and bases, soft rolls, onion pockets, butterflake, clover leaf, parker house

Artisan Bread and Pies

Week Four. Artisanal and Specialty Breads, Lean Doughs: baguette, boule, fougasse, epis, batard, horn rolls, club rolls, points, Kaiser, cadet, levain French doughs, ciabatta, focaccia, sour dough, sour rye

Week Five. Specialty Breads: bagels, bialies, challah braiding and decorative breads, pizza, flat bread varieties, panettone, stolen, brioche

Week Six. Pies: mealy and flaky pie dough, fried pies, fruit, cream, chiffon, soft, and specialty pies, quiche, scratch fillings, French and Swiss meringue toppings

Tarts, Pastries, and Cookies

Week seven. Tarts: enriched pie dough, short dough, almond dough, baked and unbaked tarts, frangipane and pastry cream fillings, flan rings, apple and fruit custard tarts, walnut tart, linzer torte, tartlets and barquettes

Week Eight. Small Pastries, French Pastries: Napoleans, cream horns, Beethoven locks, cream puffs, éclair, swans, relegieux, sfogliatelle, cannoli, bagatelle, harlequin roll, strawberry cream roll, Swiss triangles, Othellos, Iagos, Desdemonas, Rosalinds

Week Nine. Cookies:Dropped, Rolled, Molded, Icebox, Bagged, Specialty, and Lace cookies: oatmeal, chocolate chip, chocolate macadamia, sugar cookies, almond slices, diamants, pressed shortbreads, nut cookies, speculaas, gingersnaps, gingerbread cookies, dough for gingerbread house construction, spritz cookies, langue du chats, almond macaroon varieties, coconut macaroon varieties, pistachio macaroons, chocolate macaroons, almond tuile varieties, sesame and coconut tuiles, florentines, biscotti

Petits four, Cakes and Meringues 

Week Ten. Petit Four Sec, Petit Four Glace: almond cake, almond pound cake, pecan diamonds, meringues and sandwich cookies, mini tartlets and barquettes, petite puffs, éclair, swans, brandy snaps and rolls, marronier, petit four glace, Madeleine varieties

Week Eleven. Cake Mixing and Production: butter cakes, pound cake varieties, high ratio cakes, chocolate, yellow, walnut, banana, upside down, carrot, white, devils food, chiffon, chocolate fudge, jilk

Week Twelve. Sponge Cakes, Specialty Cakes, Meringues: genoise, mousseline genoise, milk and butter sponge, lady fingers, angel food, jaconde, ribbon sponge, marjolaine, hazelnut sponge, chocolate velvet cake, sacher torte, chocolate sponge, chocolate jilk, sponge rolls, japonaise

Icings and Cake Decorating 

Week Thirteen. Icings, Fillings, Glazes: meringue buttercream, French buttercream, white fudge icing, quick fudge icing, caramel fudge icing, cocoa fudge icing, royal icing, chocolate glacage, opera glaze, cocoa jelly, coffee marble glaze, fruit glacage, ganache, pastry cream, cream mousseline, St. Honore filling, vanilla cream, praline cream, marjolaine cream

Week Fourteen. Advanced Cake Decorating, Specialty Cakes: black forest, fruit torte, dobos, sacher, Zucher kirsch torte, orange cream, strawberry torte, ganache, Autumn torte, Bavarian cream charlottes, charlotte Cecille, Furst Puckler torte, marzipan torte, Alhambra, raspberry meringue, Brazilia, Opera, Julianna, tiramisu, Bananier

Week Fifteen. Wedding Cakes: Tiered wedding and celebratory cakes utilizing buttercream decorating techniques, enrobing with fondant and masa ticino, quilting, embossing, and basic buttercream and gum paste flowers

Student Journal

Students acquire the related skills necessary to develop and organize a performance log of technical skills and knowledge obtained during each semester.

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