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Letters of Support or Acknowledgement

Letters of Support or Acknowledgement

Anytime a proposed curriculum change impacts on other programs and/or departments, it is expected that the proposer seek appropriate letters of support/acknowledgement. This may be necessary with course revisions, deletions, new course proposals, new programs and program revisions.

The request for letters of support or acknowledgement should be in writing (hard copy or email). Generally, requests should be directed to department chairs. Chairs may respond as the spokesperson for the department or may direct the request to a department committee. It is recommended that the request for letters of support be copied to the appropriate dean(s). Likewise, it is recommended that when letters of support are written the appropriate dean(s) receive copies of this correspondence.

It is expected that the proposer allow departments a reasonable period of time to consider the curriculum change and write a letter of support. If, however, a department does not respond to the request for a letter of support, the proposer is encouraged to include in the proposal a copy of the dated request for such a letter and an indication that no response was received. If significant changes in the original proposal are made during the approval process, it is necessary to share the revised proposal with interested departments.

If the proposer receives a response that does not support the proposed change, the UWUCC strongly recommends discussion among involved parties in hopes that the proposer and involved departments are able to come to some agreement. If, however, that does not seem possible, the proposer is to include a copy of the letter of non-support with the proposal. The UWUCC will deliberate on this matter and decide to approve or not approve the proposal on a case-by-case basis. Proposers are reminded that discussion on various points of controversy may be raised again on the floor of the Senate.