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Dr. Devki Talwar

Dr. Talwar

Weyandt Hall, Room 56D
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana, Pennsylvania. 15705


Dr. Devki Talwar conducts research on defects in semiconductor materials used for various electronics and opto-electronics.



He has been with IUP for almost twenty years, and is the author of more than one hundred refereed journal articles, two book chapters, and review articles. His expertise in the sophisticated Green’s function technique is considered very useful for providing information on the electronic and vibrational properties of defects in semiconductors, quantum wells, and superlattices. Dr. Talwar is recognized by the international community as a prolific researcher.


You may view Dr. Talwar's resumé as a word document or a pdf.

Recent Publications

Structural and dynamical properties of Bridgman-grown CdSexTe1−x (0<x≤0.35) ternary alloy

Atypical phonon modes in zinc-blende BN/GaN superlattices” in Applied Physics Letters 102, 252101  (2013). 

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