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Master of Arts in Physics

This program is the more flexible of the two graduate degree programs offered by the Department of Physics. Each student's program is designed to meet his or her individual needs by the student and adviser working together.

M.A. Physics1

The educational goals of students in many categories can be met while they are working to attain their degree. Several examples of the category of student who may select this degree program are;

The student whose undergraduate training is in Physics Education or Physical Science Education or Science Education with a strong professional education component. This student may need more content than professional education. In this program, the student may, with the concurrence of his or her adviser, enroll in exactly that ratio of content courses to professional education courses which is necessary to attain his or her goals. The student who holds a teaching certificate in a field other than physics but is a secondary school physics teacher. These students often require formal course work in a number of areas of physics in order to have physics added to their certificates. This is normally a requirement of their school district and/or the commonwealth. This program allows students to meet this requirement while working toward a degree.

The student who wishes to enroll in a cooperative program, including those programs with internship components. Students may earn eight to 15 semester hours during a semester while interning under one of the special programs instituted by the university.

I. Subject Matter

15 credit minimum

Required course work in Physics is to be selected from the graduate physics courses with course numbers of 510 or greater. This selection must have the prior approval of the student's academic adviser, and a notation of such approval is to appear in the student's folder.

II. Electives

11 to 18 credits

The student may complete the requirements for an M.A. by selecting, with the approval of his or her adviser, from among the offerings of the School of Graduate Studies and Research. The number of credits selected for electives depends upon the option exercised under Research and Thesis.

III. Research and Thesis Option

M.A. Physics2

Each Master of Arts student must complete degree requirements in one of the following two ways:

A. Undertake an individual research problem and complete an acceptable thesis. For this option, the student must schedule PHYS 600 for two semester hours and PHYS 850 for at least two semester hours. If the student selects this option, he or she will have completed a minimum of 30 semester hours, including these two courses, for the degree.

B. Decide, with the approval of his or her academic advisor, that a research problem is not to be undertaken. If this option is exercised, the student will not do a thesis but must complete a minimum of 33 semester hours of course work.

To view the different courses offered at the graduate leve, please see the Master of Arts in Physics section in the graduate course catalog.

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