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Five undergraduate degrees for Physics are offered within the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

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Three bachelor degrees include a Bachelor of Science degree–Physics, a Bachelor of Arts degree–Physics, and a Bachelor of Science degree–Applied Physics. These three programs offer very good preparation for graduate study in physics or for research in industrial technology. The Applied Physics degree provides a strong technical background for work in solid-state electronics or electro-optics or for interdisciplinary research in the areas of computer science, chemistry, biology, and geology.

A Bachelor of Science in Education with a major in Physics is also offered through the College of Education and Educational Technology in conjuction with the Physics Department.

A two-year pre-engineering program is offered in cooperation with Drexel University wherein students transfer to Drexel after two years. A three-year pre-engineering program is offered in cooperation with the University of Pittsburgh wherein students transfer to Pitt after three years.

The department also offers a minor in Physics, as well as general science courses that satisfy the Natural Science requirements of the Liberal Studies program.

Two associate degrees in Electro-Optics—Associate in Applied Science in Electro-Optics and Associate in Science in Electro-Optics (A.S.E.O.)—are designed to produce trained and skilled workers that will move into senior technician slots in the electro-optics industry, both locally and nationally. With the A.S.E.O., degree the student has a choice of either going directly to work or matriculating at the IUP main campus in the Electro-Optics track in Applied Physics.

Each incoming student is assigned a faculty adviser who continues as the student’s adviser throughout the four-year program. During the summer preceding entry into our programs, and in consultation with the student, the Department of Physics places the student in the appropriate introductory physics and mathematics courses as determined by the summer testing program in mathematics, high school standing, and the mathematics portion of the SAT score.

The intent of this extensive placement and counseling policy is to ensure that the entering student will begin studies at a level appropriate for his/her background and will graduate within the normal four-year period. This is especially important in our program, since Physics majors in the B.S degree program must complete courses in electromagnetism, mechanics, statistical mechanics, electronics, quantum mechanics, and solid state and/or nuclear physics. In addition, the advanced undergraduate may have the opportunity of completing up to six hours of graduate courses while an undergraduate at IUP.

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