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Practicum Testimonials

A Communications Media professor working with two students

Students who complete a Communications Media practicum (COMM 390) have opportunities to work with faculty on special projects. If you are interested in doing a practicum, please contact the professor you would like to work with.

“By completing a practicum with the Communications Media Department, I am gaining skills and experiences to help benefit my future career. The purpose of my practicum is to assist Dr. Ortiz with research and classroom obligations. Not only am I learning how to conduct academically rigorous research, but also how to prepare for future endeavors and opportunities. Additionally, I am furthering my education of communications media as a whole and gaining hands-on experience with the department.”

—Rachel Doing (2016)

“This practicum experience has been one of the most informing things I've ever done here at IUP. It has allowed me to have hands-on experience with high-quality gear in a professional setting. It has also given me the opportunity to work on preproduction for a live broadcast of a football game. It has been eye opening to see what goes into a production before it goes live. This practicum has allowed me to do all of these things, and it has been extremely educational.”

—Connor Joyce (2016)

“Doing a practicum with Dr. Wilson was extremely beneficial to my education at IUP. I got the chance to write for the alumni magazine in our department and helped Dr. Wilson create classroom presentations, among other things. My practicum opened up countless doors and possibilities that I am so grateful for. The most important opportunity it provided me with was being able to form relationships with professors and staff in the department that I wouldn't have had otherwise. Not only has this experience taught me useful skills, it also gave me professional experience I can add to my resume.”

—Lindsay Beshero (2016)

“There are many benefits for working with a practicum for Dr. Muchtar. The first benefit is that I help out with her feature production class. That includes coming up with new topics to feature, assisting in helping the students with editing, and retrieving the files of the projects. Also, I am in charge of editing the final project for the feature class. I also assist in her other classes with helping Dr. Muchtar edit her papers for her other classes.”

—Malusi Kitchen (2016)

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