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Student Evaluation Instrument for Classroom Courses

The parties agree to extend the attached side letter agreement while a tripartite committee of IUP-APSCUF, IUP Students, and Management continue to discuss revisions to the student instrument.  The side letter will be extended through May 31, 2015.

Agreement:  July 16, 2003

Expires:  June 30, 2013

First Extension expires:  December 31, 2013

Second Extension Expires:  May 31, 2014

Third Extension Expires:  May 31, 2015​

____________________________                              __________________________

Mark Staszkiewicz                   date                              Timothy Moerland                 date
President, IUP-APSCUF                                                Provost and VP for Academic Affairs

The Tripartite Committee of faculty, management, and students was formed in 2000 to review the current student evaluation instrument and recommend changes.  There were two basic sources of input considered by the committee:  (1) the 1998 State System Board of Governors policy on student Evaluation of Teaching and (2) IUP faculty, administration, and students.

IUP-APSCUF and Management agree to use the attached revised instrument for student evaluation of courses and faculty members.  A full committee report is kept in the Associate Provost’s Office.

Agreement Meet and Discuss:  July 16, 2003
Expires:  June 30, 2013

____________________________            _______________________________
John Henry Steelman         date                 Mark Staszkiewicz          date           
President IUP-APSCUF                               VP for Academic Affairs


Student Evaluation Instrument


1. Course:  __________________________
2. Instructor: ________________________
3. Term:  ___________________________
4. Year:  ____________________________

Instructions:  Use the scale shown below to answer the following questions.  Please note, however, that some questions have a separate set of answers listed with them.  For all questions, fill in the letter that corresponds to your answer.

A. Strongly Agree
B. Agree
C. Disagree
D. Strongly Disagree
E. Unable to Judge

Section 1

  1. The instructor organized course material effectively.
  2. The instructor communicated course ideas in a clear and understandable manner.
  3. The instructor demonstrated interest and enthusiasm in the subject.
  4. The instructor demonstrated interest in, and concern for, the students.
  5. The instructor was available to assist students during office hours.
  6. The instructor was willing to give help as needed.
  7. The instructor encouraged questions and discussion when appropriate.
  8. The instructor made it possible for me to increase my knowledge, skills, and understanding of the subject.
  9. The instructor encourages students to analyze ideas and to think critically.
  10. Grading criteria were explained clearly at the beginning of the course.
  11. Announced grading criteria were followed.
  12. Course objectives were explained clearly at the beginning of the course.
  13. Announced course requirements and policies were clearly followed.
  14. The required course materials were useful.
  15. The instructor provided appropriate feedback about my performance throughout the course.
  16. Graded exams and other materials were returned in a timely fashion.
  17. In comparison to other courses of equal credit, the workload in this course was:
    a. Much more
    b. More
    c. The same
    d. Less
    e. Much less
  18. The pace at which material was covered was:
    a. Too fast
    b. Slightly fast
    c. About right
    d. Slightly slow
    e. Too slow
  19. Primary reason for taking the course:
    a. Required for major
    b. Elective for major
    c. Minor/related field
    d. Liberal studies
    e. Personal interest
  20. My expected grade in this course: a. A b. B c. C d. D e. F
  21. In this course I learned skills or content I consider valuable.
  22. If I could, I would take another course from this instructor.
  23. My overall rating of the instruction in this course is: a. Superior b. Above average c. Average d. Below average e. Poor

Section II  

Special Department Items (Questions supplied by person administering the evaluation.)
 Item 1:  if supplied
 Item 2:  if supplied
 Item 3:  if supplied

Side Two
Open-ended questions

  1. List up to three things the instructor did in this course that contributed to your learning.
  2. List up to three things the instructor should change about this course to enhance your learning.
  3. Additional comments, i.e., is there anything else you would like the instructor of this course to know?
















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