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Evaluation of Non-Departmental and Faculty in Department With Three (3) or Fewer Faculty Eligible to Serve on a Department Evaluation Committee

The Evaluation Committee for each Faculty Member shall be selected in the following manner:

The Faculty Member will identify up to five Faculty Members (less those already in the Department and eligible to serve on an evaluation committee) acceptable to APSCUF and Management and who are qualified to evaluate the Faculty Member’s performance.  Once the acceptable list is determined the Faculty Member will select three names from the list (less those already in the Department and eligible to serve).  The Faculty Members selected will serve as the Evaluation Committee.  Each committee will elect its own chairperson and serve for a period of one year.  Each committee is responsible for announcing to the concerned parties the internal procedures under which it will operate prior to the commencement of the evaluation process.

Committee Functions
Each committee will conduct the yearly evaluation of non-tenured faculty and the fifth-year evaluation of tenured faculty.

Evaluation Procedures
Each committee will follow the provisions of Article 12 of the current collective bargaining agreement between the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and APSCUF.  Faculty whose basic responsibilities lie outside the classroom will be evaluated consistent with the provisions of Section D, while all other faculty will be evaluated consistent with the provisions of Section B, C, E, F, G, H.

Agreement Meet and Discuss:  April 22, 2009

Expires:  June 30, 2019

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