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B.S. in Natural Science Pre-Chiropractic

Download a career guide and sample semester course sequence.

Liberal Studies: As outlined in Liberal Studies section with the following specifications, 49cr

Mathematics: 4cr, MATH 121

Natural Science: CHEM 111-112

Social Science: PSYC 101

Synthesis: not required for three-year students who transfer to a professional school with an articulation agreement

Writing Intensive: writing-intensive course only required for three-year students who transfer to a professional school with an articulation agreement

Liberal Studies Electives: COSC 101, no courses with SCI prefix

Major: 41cr

Required Courses


BIOL 111 Principles of Biology I, 4cr

BIOL 112 Principles of Biology II, 4cr

BIOL 150 Human Anatomy, 3cr

BIOL 151 Human Physiology, 4cr

BIOL 241 General Microbiology, 3cr

BIOL 263 Genetics, 3cr


CHEM 231 Organic Chemistry I, 4cr

CHEM 232 or CHEM 351 Organic Chemistry II or Biochemistry, 4cr


PHYS 111 Physics I Lecture, 3cr

PHYS 121 Physics I Lab, 1cr

PHYS 112 Physics II Lecture, 3cr

PHYS 122 Physics II Lab, 1cr


MATH 216 Probability and Statistics for Natural Sciences, 3cr

Other Requirements

Foreign Language Intermediate Level, 0-6cr

Free Electives:* 0-30cr

Electives to meet minimum of 90 IUP cr and minimum of 24cr in Humanities and Social Sciences for admission to affiliated chiropractic colleges after three years at IUP

Maximum cr for work at affiliated chiropractic school 30cr

Total Degree Requirements: 120cr

Note: Accelerated three-year New York Chiropractic College, Logan Chiropractic College, Sherman Chiropractic College, and Parker Chiropractic programs. A maximum of 30cr of work may be transferred after the first year at one of the chiropractic school programs. Upon completion of the first year of studies at one of the chiropractic school programs, a transcript from that school is to be sent by the student to the dean of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics with a note requesting application materials for graduation.

*Student is to work with his/her advisor to select appropriate free electives for professional school. Additional courses in Biology and HPED 315 or 345 are recommended.

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