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Advancement and Training

Merit Badges

A Scout may begin working on merit badges as soon as he enters the troop, but no merit badges are required for advancement until after the completion of the First Class rank. The ranks of Star, Life, and Eagle require both a minimum number of merit badges and merit badges from certain classifications for advancement.

At Summer Resident Camp, a wide range of merit badge classes are offered to the scouts. For first-year campers, the scoutmaster or other troop adults will assist new scouts in selecting appropriate merit badges for that first year of camp.

During the remainder of the year, the scouts may work on the merit badges of their choice. They can learn about sports, crafts, science, trades, business, and future careers as they earn merit badges. There are about 120 badges to choose from.

Pick a Subject. Read the requirements of the merit badges you think might interest you. Most merit badge books are available in the troop library, and all are on line. Scouts may sign out these books, but, as with all troop equipment, the scout is responsible to return the merit badge book in good condition.

Have the scoutmaster approve and sign a merit badge application. The troop maintains a list of all counselors in our area. Get in touch with the counselor and arrange a meeting, or get their approval to start over the phone. When you have completed all the requirements and the counselor has signed the card, return it to the scoutmaster for his acknowledgement, then present the appropriate portion to the advancement chair.

Scout Buddy System. You must have another person with you at each meeting with the merit badge counselor. This person could be another scout or a parent/ guardian.

Scouts are urged to maintain and protect their portion of the completed merit badge cards. (A three-ring binder with sports card protectors works well.) It will simplify confirming the record when the scout succeeds to the rank of Eagle. (Amended 09/09)


Training is an important part of the Boy Scout program. There are leadership training programs for both youth and adult participants.

A very important component of the training available to the scouts is Junior Leader Training (JLT). The troop intends to provide a weekend JLT program annually for our newly elected troop youth leaders. Additionally, the Penn’s Woods Council annually holds a weeklong JLT program called Axxion Quest. The Troop Committee will select youth members of the troop to attend this course, and will reimburse a percentage of the expenses to each family upon successful completion of the course. Participation by the scout is voluntary.

There are training programs for scoutmasters and assistants in troop organization, leadership, and outdoor skills. There are training programs for adults interested in troop, district, or Council Committee involvement. There is mandatory training program for health, safety, and youth protection for all adults who will have direct contact involvement with the youth at troop meetings or outings.

The BSA policy requires that at least two (2) adults at every troop event must have completed training in Youth Protection and Health and Safety. Water activities require a leader or adult who has completed training in BSA Lifesaving, Safe Swim Defense, and/or Safety Afloat, depending upon the activity.

Parents and leaders are urged to support troop activities by taking advantage of available training classes.

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