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Individual scout Accounts

The troop maintains individual accounts for each registered scout. Some share of the money that is raised by an individual scout during most troop fundraisers is credited to his own account. This money is available to the scouts to pay for any scouting-related activities or equipment purchases. Debits and credits for camping activities and fundraiser income will be applied to that account. Scouts may also make deposits to the account to accumulate funds for upcoming events.

In accordance with the ninth point of the scout Law—“A Scout is Thrifty”—all scouts are expected, either through fundraisers or contribution, to maintain a positive balance in their account. Scouts with accounts in arrears of more than $100 for a period of ninety days or more will not be permitted to participate in troop events that require a fee until arrangements are made with the treasurer to balance the account.

Fees for troop parents or siblings or friends participating in scouting events shall be deducted from the youth account. In the event that a family has more than one youth member, a parent or guardian may select which account is debited or credited.

Adult accounts will be kept only for those adults who have no youth member in the troop. Fees and expenses for spouses, or a significant other, of those adults shall be charged through the adult account. (Amended 02/2007)

Should a scout transfer to another troop, post, or venture crew, his account can be transferred to the new unit upon written request of the scout and endorsement of the new unit leader.

In the event that the youth leaves scouting, any money remaining in the account will be transferred to the general troop account. As these funds were raised in the name of scouting, they cannot be given to a departing youth for non-scout spending.

Payments and Approvals

Summer Camp and High Adventure trips often require up-front or advance payments. Therefore, at least three months prior to the activity, each scout planning to attend such an activity must have an account balance equal to at least 50 percent of the known or estimated cost of the activity.

Additionally, it is the troop’s policy that at the time a scout registers or commits to attend Summer Camp or a High Adventure Trek, the scout must have a signed parental approval and acknowledgement. (Amended September 2001)


Fundraising is an important part of a scout’s support of his troop and council. Through the fundraising efforts of the scouts, the troop is able to provide a quality program, including needed equipment for camping, travel opportunities, annual registration, subscriptions to Boys Life, and insurance coverage for every member of the troop.

A portion of certain fundraising profits also goes to support Penn’s Woods Council. The council provides professional scouting services and awards, maintains and operates two council camps, Seph Mack at Yellow Creek and Anderson near Tyrone; and two primitive camps—Camp Joseph along the Forbes Trail and Putt’s Camp on Raystown Lake. Additionally, the council develops and operates the training and service programs that make the scouting experience more meaningful for the scouts.

It is expected that each scout will participate in the majority of fundraising activities to support his fair share of troop operations. Scouts who do not participate in fundraisers, yet consistently participate in troop activities, may be subject to an assessment of fees over and above the usual food and event registration fees to pay for tents, equipment, and troop operation.


Each scout in Troop 11 must pay dues annually. Dues can be paid as a lump sum or as a transfer from the scouts’ individual account. The Troop Committee shall from time to time review and establish the amount of the annual dues.

Dues must be current for a scout to receive advancement or recognition awards at a Court of Honor.

Camperships and Scholarships

Occasionally, it may be necessary to provide financial assistance to scouts and scouters to participate in troop activities, camping, training, or High Adventure. The following guidelines will be used when financial aid is requested:

  1. Requests for aid should be directed to the scoutmaster or the Troop Committee chair. All requests will be kept confidential.
  2. Requests should be made at least one (1) month in advance of need, or as soon as the need is realized.
  3. Typically, financial assistance is limited to 50 percent of the cost of the activity or equipment.
  4. Aid can be given in various forms: camp fees, clothing and equipment, books, registration fees, etc. No cash will be given directly to the scout or scouter.
  5. To be considered, the requesting scout or scouter must be an active participant in troop meetings, activities, and fundraisers.

Financial assistance is also available through the Penn’s Woods Council Office. In addition to a campership program, the Council Office administers all state and federal assistance programs which may be applied to offset long-term camping fees. It is the responsibility of the scout, or the parents/guardian of the scout, to secure and file the necessary applications in a timely manner for these assistance programs. It is mandatory that applications for financial assistance from the council be submitted on the current year form. All other forms will be rejected.

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