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2014 Graduate Scholars Forum Award Winners

College of Education and Educational Technology

Dean’s Award for Excellence - First Place Award

  • Huachuan Wen
    “Online Social Networking and Writing in College”

Second Place Award

  • Jamie Brandon
    “Educating for Security: A Mixed Methods Study of Information Technology Security Programs and Protection of Personally Identifiable Information in Higher Education”

Third Place Award

  • Timothy Hall
    “Beyond SWPBIS: Effects of Large-Scale Implementation of CICO”

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Dean’s Award for Excellence - First Place Awards

  • Adam Mengel
    “Bat Use of Edge and Interior Habitat in Managed Forest”
  • Chiaothong Yong
    “Psychological Screening on International Students”

Second Place Award

  • Chad Clair
    “Landscape Level Analysis of the Allegheny Woodrat (Neotoma magister) across Pennsylvania”

Third Place Award

  • Michelle Myers-Claypole and Daniel Peles
    “Seasonal Activity and Abundance of the Blacklegged Tick) (Ixodes scapularis) and Infection Prevalence of the Lyme Disease Bacterium (Borrelia burgdorferi) in Mid-Western Pennsylvania”

College of Health and Human Services

Dean’s Award for Excellence - First Place Award

  • Shavonne Arthurs
    “Biological Drives and Social Reinforcement: Why College Students Drink”

Second Place Award

  • Matthew Rutt
    “Effects of Different Modes of Recovery on Rates of Removal of Blood Lactate”

Third Place Award

  • Dylan Mudlo
    “Effects of Unilateral Versus Bilateral Squat and Plyometric Training Upon Athletic Performance Outcomes”

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Dean’s Award for Excellence - First Place Award

  • Robert Welch
    “Poetry as Teacher, Teacher as Mediator: The Lesson of John Keats”

Second Place Award

  • Daniel Sandrowicz
    “Spatial Improvement Analysis for the Dirt and Gravel Roads in the Little Mahoning Watershed”

Third Place Award

  • Kristina Navnyko
    “The Impact of Standardized Testing on EFL in Russia”

College of Fine Arts

Dean’s Award for Excellence - First Place Award

  • Tyler Kulp
    “Six-Mallet Techniques, Grips, and Compositions for Marimba”

Second Place Award

  • Erika Stearly
    “Take a Painting”

Student Exhibition

Best in Show

  • Eric Brennan

Departmental Award

  • Jim Battistelli
    “Scale Whale Projection”

ECO Award

  • Matthew Huff
    "White Township Stormwater Resource Inventory"

Sigma Xi Award

  • Courtney Nicks
    “The Use of Genetic Data to Examine Patterns of Fisher Recolonization”

Best Selfie

  • Michelle Cole

Best Overall Tweet

  • Aijah Baruti-Goodwin
    “The Effects of Parenting Styles and Family Structure on the Personal Adjustment of College Students”

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