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2014-2015 Policies

Academic Credits and Student Status
Full-time and part-time student definitions.
Academic Good Standing
Minimum cumulative graduate quality point average information, doctoral and masters,for good academic standing.
Academic Integrity Policy and Procedures
Types of academic integrity violations, procedures, and resolutions.
Admission Classifications
IUP’s two graduate admission classifications are “Degree-seeking Admission” and “Non-degree Seeking Admission.”
Graduate students are expected to contact their academic advisor or program coordinator for course registration advisement.
Course Auditing
Rules related to graduate course auditing. 
Course Deactivation Policy
Automatic deactivation of graduate courses that have not been taught in six years
Course Numbering
Graduate-level course number system information.
Course Overlap in Degree Programs
Guidelines about using the same course for credit in two different IUP graduate degree programs.
Course Repeat Policy
Graduate students may repeat “C” or “F” grades according to the Course Repeat Policy. 
Course Withdrawal
Information about individual course withdrawal. 
Courses and Course Policies
Course auditing, course descriptions, course number, grading system, and more.
Dual Enrollment in Graduate Programs
Students may apply and be admitted to two master’s degree programs simultaneously.
Dual Level Courses
Information about courses for which undergraduate and graduate students can enroll.
Early Admission to Graduate Program Policy
This program is for highly motivated and successful IUP undergraduates who wish to continue their studies in a graduate program at IUP.
Final Credits Policy
Degree candidates must complete their program’s final six credits of graduate work in courses offered by IUP. 
Grade Appeal Policy
Grade Review Policy, procedures and provisions. 
Grading System
Grades used in reporting graduate student standing at the end of each semester.
Graduate Course Scheduling by Undergraduates
Policies related to undergraduate students scheduling graduate-level course work. 
Graduation Deadlines for Thesis and Dissertation Submission
Graduate students submitting a thesis or dissertation must follow deadlines related to various form submissions.
How to Apply for Graduation
Information about applying for graduation and related deadlines. 
Independent Study
(see Special Credits)
Internship Policy
Information about qualifying for a graduate internship appointment and applying related credits.
Involuntary Withdrawal Policy
The Involuntary Withdrawal Policy provides a procedure for determining whether an identified student's behavior poses a Direct Threat and for responding to such behavior.
Preparation and Training of Students Working with Human or Animal SubjectsDocument icon
Policy that requires all IUP students engaged in human and/or animal subject studies to successfully complete training on the ethical treatment of human and/or animal subjects, as appropriate for their field of endeavor, prior to initiating their activities.
Program Changes
Information about program requirement changes.
Research Misconduct Policy
Research Misconduct Policy and procedures.
Residency Requirements
Information about residency requirements and credits applied toward the masters degree.
Schedule Adjustment and Drop-Add Policy
Information about making schedule adjustments after the original registration date. 
Special Credits Policy
Special credits are defined as those earned through Independent Study, Individualized Instruction, Special Topics courses, workshops, or any combination therein.
Student Rights and Responsibilities
Upon admission, graduate students assume responsibility for knowing program requirements, departmental requirements, university requirements and more. 
Time Limitations
Number of years students have to complete masters and doctoral programs. 
Total University Withdrawal
Information about withdrawing all classes or from the university for a semester.
Transfer Credit Policy
Up to six credits of graduate work taken as a graduate student at another institution may be incorporated as part of the graduate student’s program at IUP.
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