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Note:  All courses listed here may not be available every semester.  See Course Schedules for courses available in the upcoming semester.

MATH 100  Intermediate Algebra

A basic course in algebra including factoring, exponents and radicals, systems of linear equations, complex fractions, and inequalities.  For those students who lack the basic algebra skills required in MATH 105 or 110. 
Will not meet Liberal Studies math requirements. 

MATH 101  Foundations of Mathematics 

MATH101 is a course designed to meet Liberal Studies Requirements at IUP. In the course we introduce logic and mathematical way of analyzing problems; develop an appreciation for the nature, breadth, and power of mathematics and its role in a technological society. We will introduce useful mathematics or mathematics related to student interest. You will learn to solve problems as diverse as the following examples:

If you have to buy two dozen baked goods from a bakery and there are 5 different types to choose from, in how many different ways can you buy the two dozen?
When can we find the sum of an infinite number of terms?
What is the sum of the following terms: 1 + 2/3 + 4/9 + 8/27 + …
If there are 25 students enrolled in the course, what is the probability that two of them have the same birthday?
Can we easily find the value for the sum of 21 + 26 + 31 +.. + 12,136?
MATH101 Section 801 is a web-based course. We will use WebCT and Scientific Notebook. Students enrolled in the course should have internet access and will need to purchase a 6-month student license for Scientific Notebook from MacKichan Software (1-877-SCI-WORD) for approx. $45.00. Scientific Notebook is also available on the public computer labs on campus. It is an easy to use Windows-based program that allows one to read, write and do mathematics on a computer. There is no textbook required for the course. Information on accessing the course site will be sent to each student’s IUP e-mail account. If you want to receive the information at a different e-mail address you will need to provide that to the instructor by sending a message to or calling 724-357-2206

MATH 105 College Algebra

Prerequisites:  MATH 100 or appropriate Placement Test Score or permission of the Mathematics Department chairperson.
Note:  Students may not take this course after successfully completing either a calculus course or MATH 110 without written Mathematics Department chairperson approval.  Non-IUP must contact Department Chairperson (Gary Stoudt 724-357-2608) for permission to take this course.

Prepares students for the study of calculus for business, natural, and social sciences.  Topics include detailed study of polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions.

MATH 115 Applied Mathematics for Business

Prerequisites:  MATH 105 or equivalent high school preparation.   Please email Dr. Adkins for permission to enroll.

Offers a review of elementary functions including logarithmic and exponential functions.  Business majors are introduced to the mathematics of finance and central ideas of the calculus, including limit, derivative, and integral.  Applications to business and economics are emphasized. 

MATH 217  Introduction to Probability and Statistics 

(For non-Math majors)

Frequency distributions, measures of central tendency, variation, elementary probability, sampling, estimation, testing hypotheses, correlation, and regression; emphasis on applications as opposed to theoretical development of topics.


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