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IUP-TV is committed to broadcasting diverse and creative content that educates, informs, entertains, and inspires.

IUP-TV has multiple shows that span a wide variety of categories, including sports, comedy, music entertainment, pop culture, and national news. The focus of IUP-TV, in conjunction with the Communications Media Department, is to advocate unique and innovative student programs that are of the highest professional quality. IUP-TV airs shows that have been in production for over 25 years, such as Indie Rocker’s Ball, as well as new and up-coming programs, such as Entertainment News Break.

Below is a list of all the current shows being aired on IUP-TV.

Indie Rocker’s Ball
Indie Rocker’s Ball is a music entertainment show on IUP-TV that highlights current national music news, interviews and records local artists, and features music videos from various independent labels throughout the industry.
The Big Hit
The Big Hit is one of the longest-running broadcasts and the only sports talk show on IUP-TV.
Sketch-O-Phrenia is a college-based, sketch comedy show that brings forth the humor of everyday interactions between normal people . . . depending on what your idea of normal is.
Press Start
Press Start is a media platform for a community of video game enthusiasts, sharing thoughts, opinions, and more on the topic of video games.
Witticism is a student produced variety news program that brings the "wit" to news. Witticism segments include World News, Advice, What's Bothering Us, and Hollywood News.  All news is current, but with a twist of comedy.
Generation Gap
Generation Gap is a student produced program that bridges the gap between older and younger generations.  Each episode, the older generation and the younger generation come together and discuss a diverse topic to try and find a solution.
Back to the Drawing Board
Back to the Drawing Board is a student sitcom. It's a show about making a show here at IUP.  The mockumentary shows the ins and outs of amateur film development and the wacky occurrences that come with it.
Entertainment News Break
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