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Computer Science

Note: Not all courses listed here are available every semester. See Course Schedules for courses available in the upcoming semester.

COSC 101: Microbased Computer Literacy

An introductory course designed to provide students with a fundamental understanding of computers. The course familiarizes students with the interaction of computer hardware and software. Emphasis is placed on the application of microcomputers, the use of productivity software (word processing, spreadsheet management, file and database management, presentation graphics, Web browsers, search strategies, and e-mail), and the social and ethical aspects of the impact of computers on society. 

Note: This course does not count toward the Computer Science major. This course is cross-listed as BTED 101 and IFMG 101. Any of these courses may be substituted for each other and may be used interchangeably for D or F repeats but may not be counted for duplicate credit.

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