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Department Liaisons

Department Liaison Phone Number E-mail
Accounting Dr. Ronald Woan 7-7565
Administration and Leadership (Education—Doctoral) Dr. Robert Millward 7-5593
Administration and Leadership (Sociology—Doctoral) Dr. John Anderson (717) 720-4098
Adult and Community Education Dr. Jeff Ritchey 7-2470
Anthropology Dr. Benjamin Ford 7-3932
Art Dr. Penny Rode 7-2537
Asian Studies Dr. Penny Rode 7-2537
Biology Dr. Sandy Newell 7-4462
Biochemistry Dr. Jon Southard 7-2210
Chemistry Dr. Mike Briggs 7-2364
Computer Science Dr. Waleed Farag 7-7995
Communications Media Dr. Nurhaya Muchtar 7-3417
Communications Media ( Doctoral) Dr. Gail Wilson 7-3210
Counselor Education Dr. Stacia Carone 7-2306
Criminology Dr. Daniel Lee 7-5930
Criminology (Doctoral) Dr. Daniel Lee 7-5930
Culinary School Mr. John Kapusta (814)938-1152
Curriculum and Instruction (Doctoral) Dr. Mary Jalongo 7-2417
Developmental Studies Dr. Arden Hamer 7-4083
Economics Dr. Todd Potts 7-4770
Educational Psychology Dr. Tim Runge 7-2316
Educational Psychology (Doctoral) Dr. Tim Runge 7-2316
English Dr. Jean Nienkamp 7-3967
English (Graduate Studies in Composition and TESOL) Dr. Sharon Deckert 7-2261
English (Graduate Studies in Literature and Criticism) Dr. David Downing 7-2264
Finance and Legal Studies Dr. Brion Scudder 7-5744
Food and Nutrition Dr. Rita Johnson 7-3281
Foreign Languages Dr. Lydia Rodriguez 7-2321
Geography and Regional Planning Dr. Donald Buckwalter 7-2250
Geoscience Dr.John F. Taylor 7-4469
Health and Physical Education Dr. Richard Hsiao 7-0123
History Dr. Joe Mannard 7-2436
Hospitality Management Dr. Alex Wang 7-6233
Human Development and Environmental Studies Dr. Janet Blood 7-2336
Employment and Labor Relations Dr. Scott Decker 7-4470
Journalism Dr. David Loomis 7-4411
Latin American Studies Dr. Sarah Wheeler 7-2683
Management Mr. Fred Anderson 7-7564
Management Dr. Fred Slack 7-2535
MIS and Decision Sciences Dr. Linwu Gu;  Dr. Micki Hyde 7-2929
Marketing Mr. Framarz Byramjee 7-3170
Mathematics Dr. Gary Stoudt 7-4764
Nursing Mrs. Beverly Rossiter 7-2903
Nursing (Doctoral) Dr. Teresa Shellenbarger 7-2559
Pan African Studies Dr. Marveta Ryan-Sams 7-7530
Philosophy Ms. Carol Caraway 7-2310
Physics Dr. Greg Kenning 7-2192
Political Science Dr. Mac Fiddner 7-2290
Professional Studies in Education Dr. Laurie Nicholson 7-2400
Psychology Dr. David LaPorte 7-4524
Psychology (Doctoral) Dr. David LaPorte 7-4524
Religious Studies Dr. Tawny Holm 7-2310
Safety Science Ms. Wanda Minnick 7-3272
Safety Science (Doctoral) Dr. Christopher Janicak 7-3274
Sociology Dr. Beth Mabry 7-4842
Special Education Dr. Jill Brady 7-5681
Student Affairs in Higher Education Dr. Holley Belch 7-6288
Technology Support and Training Ms. Kara Romance 7-7784
Theater Ms. Jeannie-Marie Brown 7-2965
Women's Studies Dr. Chauna Craig 7-2576
  • IUP Libraries
  • Stapleton Library, Room 203
    431 South Eleventh Street
    Indiana, PA 15705
  • Phone: 724-357-2340
  • Fax: 724-357-4891

Stapleton Library Hours

Sunday: Open at 11:00 a.m.
Monday–Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Midnight to 7:00 p.m.
Saturday: 11:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m.

Exceptions to Regular Library Hours