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Subject Bibliographers

Subject Bibliographer Phone Number E-mail
Accounting Blaine E. Knupp 7-2338
Administration and Leadership (Education-Doctoral Program) Kelly Heider 7-4886
Adminstration and Leadership (Sociology-Doctoral Program) Sue Drummond 7-4479
Adult and Community Education Kelly Heider 7-6106
Anthropology Susan Drummond 7-4479
Art Carl Rahkonen 7-5644
Asian Studies Jin Pang 7-2344
Biology / Biochemistry Chris Clouser  7-5697
Chemistry Chris Clouser  7-5697
Children's Books* Kelly Heider 7-4886
Composition and TESOL Carol Connell 7-2195
Computer Science Karen Brown 7-2344
Communications Media (including Ph.D. program) Portia Diaz 7-4893
Curriculum and Instruction Doctoral Program Kelly Heider 7-4886
Counselor Education Kelly Heider 7-6106
Culinary School Portia Diaz 7-4893
Criminology Carol Connell 7-2195
Developmental Studies Kelly Heider 7-4886
Economics Blaine E. Knupp 7-2338
Educational Psychology (including Ph.D. program) Kelly Heider 7-4886
Electronic Databases* Joann Janosko 7-6106
Employment and Labor Relations Harrison Wick 7-6246
English Carol Connell 7-2195
Finance and Legal Studies Blaine E. Knupp 7-2338
Food and Nutrition Sandra Janicki 7-4751
Foreign Languages Jin Pang 7-2344
Geography and Regional Planning Harrison Wick 7-3039
Geoscience Chris Clouser  7-5697
Health and Physical Education Carol Connell 7-2195
History Theresa McDevitt 7-4892
Hospitality Management Sandra Janicki 7-4751
Human Development and Environmental Studies Sandra Janicki 7-4751
Journalism Carol Connell 7-2195
Latin American Studies Jin Pang 7-2344
Management Blaine E. Knupp 7-2338
Marketing Blaine E. Knupp 7-2338
Mathematics Chris Clouser  7-5697
Media* Jin Pang 7-2344
Information Systems & Decision Sci. (MIS) Blaine Knupp 7-2338
Music Carl Rahkonen 7-5644
Northpointe Portia Diaz 7-4893
Nursing (including Ph.D. program) Sandra Janicki 7-4751
Pan-African Studies Portia Diaz 7-4893
Philosophy Dan Shively 7-4864
Physics Chris Clouser  7-5697
Political Science Dan Shively 7-4864
Professional Studies in Education Kelly Heider 7-4886
Psychology Karen Brown 7-2344
Punxsutawney Portia Diaz 7-4893
Religious Studies Dan Shively 7-4864
Safety Science Sandra Janicki 7-4751
Serials (including E-journals)* Joann Janosko 7-6106
Sociology Sue Drummond 7-4479
Special Education Kelly Heider 7-4886
 Textbook Collection*  Kelly Heider 7-4886
 Theater  Carol Connell  7-2195
 Women's Studies  Theresa McDevitt  7-4892

* These collection areas cover multiple disciplines; the bibliographer coordinates purchasing with other librarians. 

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