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College Council

College Council consists of those who have supported IUP with gifts of $500 to $1,249.

Jon Abrahamovich '80 and Colleen Abrahamovich†
Lee Adams '79, M'80 and Kimberly Bolkovac Adams '80
Levent Akbay and Mary Beth Akbay†
Barbara Morrison Albanese '86 and Joseph Albanese
Albert Altimore '77 and Susan Altimore†
Lynne Alvine†
Carl Amenhauser '67 and Janet Yotter Amenhauser '68
Thomas Anderson '73
Joseph Angelo '56, M'63 and Shirley Angelo†
Thomas Annick and Eve Annick†
Anonymous (3)
Tina Antonicelli '89 and William Klaiber
Terry Appolonia '79, M'81
Mark Arbuckle and Laura Arbuckle
Yaw Asamoah and Carol Asamoah†
Robyn Ashbridge-McAneny M'08 and Bernard Lockard Jr.†
Barbara White Ashton '64 and E Peter Ashton†
George Audi '89 and Denise Audi
Sharon Baer '87, M'95
Thomas Baer and Linda Baer
Douglas Baker '86 and Julie Richter†
Frank T. Baker and Mary D. Baker
Janice Baker
Margaret Klunk Balachowski '87 and Joseph Balachowski†
William Balint '88 and Amy Balint '98†
John Ballard and Mary Lou Ballard
John Ballein '83 and Stephanie Ballein†
Brent Barker '07
James Barling '81
James Barone and Patricia Barone†
Michael Barry '72 and Linda Barry†
Sandra Koeppl Barsotti '87 and Ron Barsotti†
David Bates and Theresa Bates
Erica Addison Bates '93 and Leonard Bates
Thomas Baumann '76 and Jill Baumann†
Judith Bell '61†
William Bell '02
Frances Bentkowski '70†
John Bieryla '76, M'81 and Suzanne Mott Bieryla '77, M'79
Melissa Billeck '03
McClellan Blair and Britta Blair
W. Gerald Blaney and Carolyn Eberly Blaney
Walter Blucas '70, M'73
David Bluemling '85 and Sheila Mowry Bluemling '85
Basil Bly '72 and Linda Bly
Holly Boda-Sutton and William Sutton†
Susan Foltz Boklage '93 and James Boklage Jr.
Caroline Bole
Gregory Booth '71 and Cheryl Booth
Anthony Bosnick '72 and JoAnn Bosnick†
Anne Beaver Bowman '65 and Robert Bowman†
Brian Braden '86 and Lisa Shrewsberry-Braden
Faye Bradwick and Donald Lancaster†
Timothy Bratton '68
James Brekovsky '87 and Susan Brekovsky†
Amy Bria '87
Thomas Brice and Priscilla Brice†
Barbara Haas Bridges '74
Sherman Brizzi '73 and Rebecca Brizzi
Stephen Brown '71 and Denise Brown†
Ronald Brubaker†
Larry Buckwalter '68 and Carol Buckwalter†
Jackie Buford and Jonathan Masood
J. Bracken Burns Sr. '70 and Kathryn Burns
Timothy Burns '90
Nancy Buzard '61†
Jan Calhoun '66
Coleen Caldwell Cameron '74 and Gary Cameron
Ellen Radzilowski Cameron '86 and David Cameron
Theresa Legath Campbell '88 and Patrick Campbell
Susan Cantrell '82
Catherine Carden '75†
Bruce Carnali '79 and Karen Hudson
Jose Carranza '65 and Carmy Greggi Carranza '64, M'80
Stanley Celich '90 and Patricia Celich
James Churchey '68 and Jennifer Churchey
Daniel Cicero '71
Anthony Cinelli '83 and Margaret Cinelli
Donald Clark and Lois Clark†
Edwin Clark Jr. and Jean Clark†
M Dorcas Clark†
Michael Clark '90 and Kristie Womer Clark '91†
Robert Cleminson '59 and Barbara Saylor Cleminson '62
Christine Clewell M'90†
Robert Coleman Jr. '50 and Lou Ann Coleman†
Sean Colvin '97
Charles Conrad '88 and Tabitha Duncan Conrad '96
James Victor Conrad '87 and Debbie Conrad
Rob Cooney and Stephanie Cooney
J Doyle Corman Jr. '57 and Rebecca Corman
Robert Costello '76, M'81
Thomas Costello '88
George Coury Jr. '56
Clifford Cox '56, M'59, M'68 and Joanne Hill Cox '58†
Anne Creany M'86, D'90†
H. F (Bert) Criste '56 and Mary Waite Criste '56
Carolyn Sulava Crooks '70 and Jeffrey Crooks†
John Cuccaro and Julia Cuccaro
Kristine Kriner Culler '79 and Randy Culler†
Thomas Curtiss Jr. and Helma Curtiss†
Janice Clarkson Dagney '90 and Joseph Dagney
Regis D'Angelo '78 and Carol D'Angelo
William Dannecker '61 and Lois Dannecker
Sherri Raihall Darver '79 and Alan Darver†
John Daskivich
Daniel David '82 and Michele Reader David '83
Patricia Ebsworth Davies '79 and Brian Davies†
Carl Davis Sr. and Joan Davis†
William Dawson '56 and Nancy Dawson
Barry Day '72 and Sue-Ann Roades†
Gloria DeFabo†
David Dentler '83
Michael Dettorre '82 and Jeanne Dettorre
Sandra Hoover Diefenderfer '67 and William Diefenderfer III†
Thomas Dilling '73
Neil Donovan M'84 and Heather Seekings
William Dorsey M'70†
Patrick Dougherty '97 and Amy DeFurio Dougherty '90
Robert Dougherty '85
Nancy Tenney Doverspike '77, M'79 and Lynn Doverspike†
Emily Vetere Dow M'07 and Jeffrey Dow†
David Duckett '75 and Joan Duckett†
Cynthia Duffalo
Thomas Dumm '70
Terry Dunlap '81 and Mary Jo Dunlap†
Diane Duntley†
Gregory Edgin '79 and Mary Edgin†
Marilyn Gustavson Eelman '60 and Albert Eelman†
Jodi Eichenlaub M'91†
David Einsel '58 and Joan Fry Einsel '58†
Donald Eisen and Barbara Eisen†
Gary Elkin '78 and Darla DiCicco Elkin '77
Kelly Eschbach '86
Dennis Evans '74 and Betsy Evans
Harold Everett '97 and Annmarie Minich Everett '94
Kristen Everett '89
Joseph Fadden '89 and Melinda Reed Fadden '89
Joy Biesinger Fairbanks '72, M'78 and Robert Fairbanks†
Lisa Ransom Falvo '89 and Robert Falvo†
Robert Fanelli '82†
Katherine Farnsworth†
David Ferguson and Laura Ferguson
Richard Ferguson '62
Shirley Ullom Filcik '53†
Cassie Fish '06
Howard Fitzgerald '97 and Arifa Khursheed†
Daniel Fletcher and Mary Fletcher
Robert Flock '79 and Nack Flock†
Bryan Force
Cynthia Fox '86†
Terrence Fox '79 and Nancy Johnson Fox '80
Richard Galardini '72
C. Alexander Garvin and Alice Garvin
Jon Gascoine '81 and Beverly Rupert Gascoine AA'89†
Mary Mondrick Gatti M'70 and William Gatti†
Karen Gausman '82 and Carl Burnett
Joseph Gdaniec '82 and Karen Lang Gdaniec '83†
Marie Carosella Gelormino '76†
Gail Gerlach '59†
Stephen Getsy '67 and Margaret Getsy
John Gilly '79 and Jane McMahon-Gilly
Beverly Bartzer Glendening '77 and Robert Glendening
James Glock '67 and Starleen Glock
Cheri Dudreck Gmiter '80 and Kevin Gmiter
Barry Gogel '73 and Linda Gogel
Richard Good II '75 and Kathryn Good†
Connie Graff '71†
Mary Boyle Green '75 and Bruce Green†
Robert Green '54 and Suzanne Keelan Green '54*†
Carol Greene D'01†
Michael Gresh '79 and Joyce Green Gresh '78†
Patti Hutcheson Gridley '80 and Steven Gridley
Trevor Hadley '68 and Cheryl Borck-Hadley†
William Hadley M'70 and Georgeann Kattic Hadley '69†
Paul Haines '94 and Robin Haines†
Ann Kosanovich Hamilton '50
Sandra Nibling Hammonds '67 and Lawrence Hammonds†
Helen Harvey '64, M'65 and Robert Harvey
Charles Hasse '71 and Kathleen Hasse
Robert Hawsey '77 and Jeannie Hawsey
George Heacox '82 and Jean Parker Heacox '82
Frederick Heagy '73 and Lois Heagy
Daniel Henry '84 and Lauri Ziglear Henry '84
John Henry '69 and Carol Highberger Henry '68, M'89†
Philip Henry '81, M'82 and Beth Andrews Henry '84, M'86†
Marian Hepler†
Michael Higgins '79, '80 and Denise Higgins
Adam Hinds '97 and Kelly Hinds†
Wing-Fai Ho '78
Andrew Hofmann '80
Cameron Hollingshead '03
James Horner '63, M'68 and Ann Horner†
Barbara Snyder Hoskins '51 and Donald Hoskins†
Chuck Houser '82 and Regan Houser†
James Housler '93
Amy Hovan '95, M'13 and Steven Hovan†
John Hricik
Robert Hultman '70 and Rebecca Smith Hultman†
Janice Krall Hummel '75, M'79 and John Hummel†
Patrick Imbrogno '78 and Denise Spangler Imbrogno '78
Jane Ingold
Ann Roberts Jesick M'80 and Randy Jesick
John Jevicky Sr. '76 and Lyn Jevicky
Ward Johnson '80 and Elaine Tihansky Johnson '86†
Brian Jones and Lynne Jones†
Roberta Jones†
Tyrone Jones Jr.
William Joseph Jr. '52 and Jean Johnston Joseph '52
Larry Judge '64 and Elaine Reschini Judge '64, M'66
Bonita Juliette†
Ronald Juliette '68†
Michael Justus '79 and Marsha Justus|
Richard Kagarise '62 and Janice Johnston Kagarise '60
Robert Kaminski '76 and Cecilia Kaminski
John Katlic and Nancy Katlic†
Charles Kelley '69 and Deborah Kelley
Sarah Kelley
Helen Soltis Kennedy '86 and Charles Kennedy
Donald Kenney '78, M'80 and Lael Kenney
Gloria Hullihen Kerr '70, M'75, D'96 and M. Dale Kerr†
Marilyn Kibler '81
Christopher King '87†
Michael Kinley '85 and Elizabeth Kinley†
Francis Kish '60 and Judith Kish†
Cheryl Cerny Kistler '80 and Paul Kistler†
Christopher Kleppinger '97
David Kline and Carole Kline
Blaine Knupp '83, M'93†
John Kopchick '72, M'75 and Charlene Labay Kopchick '73†
John Kort '74
Michael Kostas
Michael Kotrick '80
Joseph Kovaleski and Susan Kovaleski
William Krill and Evelyn Krill†
Daniel Kupas '88
Douglas Kupas '86 and Natalie Kupas†
Lawrence Kupchella '79, M'82†
Rick Kupchella and Leslie Kupchella
Donald Kuty '69†
Laurie Frisina Kuzneski '93 and Andrew Kuzneski III†
Stephanie Lambidakis '81 and John Leseur
Norman Lathbury M'68 and Kathleen Lathbury†
Erick Lauber and Elizabeth Lauber
James Laughlin '51 and Barbara Anderson Laughlin '51, M'78
Leona LaValley†
Brian Lawton '93 and Mindi Lawton
Margaret Lee D'97†
Mary Leidman and David Golub
Michael Lemasters
Jeffrey Leventry '80, M'81 and Lisa Staskel-Leventry†
Ronald Levinson
William Lewis '84
William Lewis '81 and Eileen Bird Lewis '81†
Kathleen O'Connor Leyland '83 and James Leyland
Michael Lezzer
Gerald Liberatore '70†
Douglas Lingenfelter '83
Anthony Linnan '74 and Kathy Linnan
Jessika Liscinsky Strauss '81
Victoria Liscinsky '76
Joshua Liss '92†
Elaine Little '94, M'08 and Stephen Little
Lorree Liscik Lockard '86 and Douglas Lockard†
Betsy Meanor Loeffler '82 and Thomas Loeffler†
Patricia Labant Lommock†
Edwin Long†
Coral Newton Losinski '82 and John Losinski†
Dorothy Sullivan Love '81 and Westley Love†
Mary Ludwig and Michael Ludwig
Mario Luther '76†
Paulette Lamar Lyle '88 and Sean Lyle
Kim Lyttle '72, M'74 and Mary Banks Lyttle '86, M'89†
Joyce Magee M'80 and Richard Magee†
Bruce Magnuson '73 and Anne Magnuson
Scott Mahan '89
Joseph Mangione '97
Joseph Marcoline '70, D'90 and Mary Marcoline
Raymond Marcon '68 and Pamela Marcon†
Larry Marraccini '56 and Roberta Otto
Cynthia Henkel Marszal '82 and Paul Marszal†
Jamie Flick Martin '87, M'93, D'00 and Randy Martin
John Martin and Martha Martin
Warren Martin
Donald Mash '64†
Marilyn Mason
Martha Keller Masson '76 and Richard Masson†
H. Mont Mattocks Jr. '70 and Stephanie Cain Mattocks '71†
Florence Mauchant M'85
Norman Maza '75 and Mary Cassimatis Maza '75†
Camille Mazanek '75, M'79†
Mark McBride '80 and Darlene McBride†
David McClymont '84 and Kathleen Lewis McClymont '84
Richard McDowell '60, M'62 and E. Ann Brammer McDowell '61
Margaret Carr McGrainor '59
Adriane McGraw '10
Skip McGreevy '71†
Scott McGuigan '84 and Lynn Hanraty McGuigan '85
Robert McNamara Jr. '81 and Christine Kirchner McNamara '81
Donald McPherson '69, M'71 and Linda Leighty McPherson '69, M'76†
Krista Haizlett Mechling '83 and Mark Mechling†
Judith Meister '80 and Andrew Newcomb
Raymond Mialki
R. Keith Michael '52 and Marion Bankert Michael '51
Catherine Mignogna '82†
David Mildrew '71 and Julia Dauer Mildrew '73
Alan Miller '80 and A Lorraine Miller†
Esther Craft Miller '59 and Edmund Miller†
Gwendolyn Howard Miller '60 and Arthur Miller
James Miller '87†
Laurabel Hamilton Miller '48, M'63 and Francis Miller†
Perry Miller III '64 and Carol Miller†
Rickey Miller and Lori Miller
William Miller and Catherine Miller
Donna Farrell Mitchell '92, M'93 and Patrick Mitchell
Kathleen Stadelmyer Mitchell '71 and John Mitchell†
Frank Moore and Peggy Moore
Tina Piccolini Moore '82 and David Moore†
John Morris '71†
Barbara Morycz '72†
John Mowrer III '71 and Anna Mowrer
Robert Munhall '66 and Elizabeth Luther Munhall '65
David Murone '91 and Linda Murone†
Gavin Murrey
Judy Massimo Murry '87
Thomas Murry '64 and Marie-Pierre Murry†
Katherine Myers
Nancy Myers '85
James Natale '67 and Penny Lehner Natale '65
Cheryl Longenecker Naughton '75, M'80 and Paul F. Naughton†
Nancy Zebraskey Nelson '57†
John Neptune M'74 and Diane Midler Neptune '73†
Dory Luxon Neurock '89†
Phillip Neusius and Sarah Neusius†
Anthony Nicholas '60, M'64 and Deborah Nicholas
Michele Ninacs D'09
John North '69 and Kimberly North†
Zachary Norwood '10
Ina O'Connor and Patrick O'Connor
Edward Onderick and Catherine Onderick
Lloyd Onyett D'11 and Estelle Onyett†
Ayn Seddon O'Reilly D'00 and Daniel O'Reilly
Matthew Orman '91
Thomas Oswald '65†
Judith Otto '63†
Patrick Pacalo '88
Dorothy Palmer '57†
Lisa Urda Palmer '84 and James Palmer†
Carole Churchill Panaia '88
Michele Dougherty Papakie '93†
Carl Parise '73 and Leanne Fanning Parise '74†
Roy Parkinson and Natalie Parkinson
Thomas Patton
Ronald Pauline M'70†
Carole Pletcher Pepe '69 and Joseph Pepe†
William Pequignot and Patricia Pequignot
James Perry '71 and Rebecca Johnston Perry '71
Suzanne McGee Petr '82 and Thomas Petr†
Michael Petrunyak '92 and Rosemary Ragosta Petrunyak '93
William Pfeifer '73 and Christine Pfeifer†
Beverly Philippi
Edward Platt and Olga Platt
Richard Pontius '76 and Sharon Pontius
Jeffrey Povlak '80 and Leila Elgin Povlak '81
Shirley Gibson Pow '58†
William Powell '69 and Betty Powell
Paulette Price
Kathleen Darkes Prokay '69 and Victor Shellhorse†
Julia Levy Rachlin '89, M'92 and Adam Rachlin†
Daniel Radakovich Jr. '80 and Marcia Radakovich
Judith Gonsowski Radlinsky '84 and Raymond Radlinsky
Monsurur Rahman
Richard Reardon III '97, M'88 and Carol Reardon†
David Reed '00 and Heather Reed†
Robert Reininger and Ronna Reininger†
Janelle Frank Reinoso '92 and Juan Reinoso
James Renacci '80 and Tina Renacci†
Kenneth Renko '82 and Laurie Lewandowski Renko '83
Michael Rieg '81, M'91 and Sue Corbin Rieg '81, M'82†
Donald Rinchuse '69
Keith Rittle '91 and Kathleen Rittle†
William Roberts Jr.
Dean Rodenbough '82 and Danielle Rodenbough†
Andrew Rolen '85, '91 and Jeanne Rolen†
Sean Rollman '92 and Michele Holdren Rollman '92
Alexander Rovnan
Elaine Sadowski Rovnan '75 and Joseph Rovnan Jr.†
Melinda Campbell Rudibaugh '70 and Gerald Rudibaugh
Dorothy Salsgiver
Andrew Sandberg '06
James Sandolfini M'84 and Rosanne Sandolfini
Kathy McClellan Sankey '82 and Jeffrey Sankey†
Bernard Sarneso M'94 and Elizabeth Chimock Sarneso '93, M'94
Robert Sauritch '84
John Scandrett and Lucy Scandrett†
Grace Gemmell Scanlan '53 and William Scanlan
Sam Scavo '61 and Marlene Inman Scavo '59†
Lou Scerbo '83
Michael Schallock and Diane Schallock
Martha Sanderson Scheeren '65
Mary Bosak Schill '71 and Richard Schill
Bradford Schmalfuss
Eugene Schmidt '64 and Kathy Wright†
Joan Schmitt
Darlene Groka Schoenly '71, M'76 and Herbert Schoenly Jr.†
David Scott '77 and Karen Scott†
Erla Weaver Seacrist '50
Thomas Selby '75†
Stanley Servinsky '56*†
Tracy Settle '80 and Sheri Settle
Anita Malone Shaffer '54†
Jeremiah Shanahan '88 and Kristen Dean Shanahan '91†
Kim Shellenhamer '75†
Ruth Shirey '65†
Robert Shively '71, M'72 and Carol Raker Shively†
Daniel Shoemaker '86 and Rebecca Shoemaker
Margie Shollenberger '62†
Margaret Shotts '07 and Vert Shotts
Bedford Silvey '62 and Marilyn Silvey†
Patricia Klausing Simmons '72 and William Simmons III†
Susanna Clement Sink '82 and William Sink
Gregory Sipos
Helen Sitler M'77, D'97
John Sitton
Pamela Sledge-Coley '97 and Derick Coley
Jean Sabolovich Sledzik '61 and Herman Sledzik†
Karen Birkhimer Slenska '87 and John Slenska†
Joan Lepley Sloan '63 and William Sloan†
J. Jeffrey Smead and Lee Smead†
AJ Smeltz '03 and Emily Davis Smeltz '01, M'02†
Paula Smeltz AA'93 and William Smeltz†
Anna Marie Geisler Smith '90†
Leslie Gatto Smith '83 and David Smith†
M Elaine Jacobs Smith '93 and Eric Smith
Saundra Shea Smith '71 and Thomas Smith†
Marcus Spade '02
Stephen Spratt '93 and Crista Chambers Spratt '94
Patricia Beaken Stahura '63 and James Stahura†
Susan Stake†
Darrell Stanyard '69
Walter Stapleton, Jr., M'87 and Rebecca Stossel Stapleton '84†
Linda Stark '79†
Mark Staron 
Patricia Starsinic-Remavege '84 and Edward Remavege
Michael Staub '80 and Gayle Leader†
Donald Stauffer CA'05
Ronald Steele '77 and Jeri Steele
Andrew Stephenson '72 and Cynthia L Stephenson
Judith Kralik Sterner '69 and Stephen Sterner
David Stewart '88 and Maria Nitowski Stewart '88
Robert Stewart '81 and Donna Smith Stewart '81
Wanda Stitt-Gohdes '70 and William Gohdes†
Robert Stonebraker and Annie-Laurie Wheat†
Catherine Strong
William Strosnider III '80 and Deborah Buckenheimer Strosnider '80
Kerry Wolfe Sunderland '88 and Daniel Sunderland
Eileen Swinehart '69 and Steven Berkshire
Mary Swinker
Rebecca Pounds Szwalek '01†
Nancy Kollar Tall M'73†
Suzanne Kuhn Teele '82 and Edward Teele†
Patricia Thatcher D'03
Joye Thomas '78
Kristin Dendtler Thomas '84
Robert Tobin '82 and Linda Drew Tobin '85†
Thomas Todd†
Gary Tolfa '79 and Marlene Tolfa
Gary Toretti '82 and Lisa O'Roark Toretti '83†
Gwendolyn Torges
Peter Towner '97†
Karen Trenney '81
Richard VanHalanger and Marilyne VanHalanger
John Varner '57 and Daria Troyan Varner '57†
Robert Vetock M'92†
Erik Vogeley '94 and Shelby Vogeley†
John Wain '73 and Linda Wain
Brien Wall '70 and Patricia A. Wall†
Robert Wambaugh '73, M'78 and Karen Wambaugh
Sue Vollmer Ward '72 and Henry Ward
Leroy Warner '81 and Anne Breindel Warner '82
Randall Warren '75, '85†
Amy Swick Watson '92 and Michael Watson
David Weaver '60 and Constance Weaver
Cheryl Wegener†
Kevin Weidl '06
Karen Weigel '81
Kenneth Wengert '83 and Carol Wengert†
David Werner and Kay Werner
Rebecca Bocek Weston '78 and Russel Weston†
Anita Cestello Whitmore '79
Kimberly Wick '12 and Charles Wick
Kenneth Widdowson†
Stephen Wiedmaier '73 and Loucinda Wiedmaier
Robert Wilburn and Patricia Wilburn
Arthur Williams '66, M'76†
David Williams '79 and Nancy Williams†
Laura Williams '76 and John Repicky
Michael Williams '77 and Rosanne Durica Williams '76, M'77†
Timothy P. Williams '61 and Susan Springer-Williams†
James Wilson†
Lori Wilson '81 and Richard Pish†
Thomas Windram '77 and Martha Weltman Windram '78†
Harold Wingard and Elizabeth Wingard
Larry Wisneski '65
Diane Wolf '79 and Charles Wolf†
Linda White Wolfe '69 and Earle Wolfe
Richard Wolfe Jr. '91 and Donna Wolfe
Vicki Sawyer Wolter '74, M'76 and Douglas Wolter†
Cornelius Wooten and Clarice Wooten†
Mindy Ridenour Wygonik '90, M'91 and Raymond Wygonik
Alice Young M'79†
William Youngblut '76 and JoAnne Dechert Youngblut '77
Frank Yusi '65 and Constance Fagan
Michael Zielinski and Sandra Zielinski†
Gilbert Zilner and Joan Zilner†

†Loyalty Society members

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