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IACUC Memos to Investigators

The IUP Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee occasionally issues “Memos to Investigators” as a means of keeping our IACUC-approved investigators up-to-date on IACUC developments and related news.

Each of these memos has been collected below for your reference.

IACUC Memo to Investigators - July 2013
01) 2013 USDA inspection passed   02) New IACUC web address and updates   03) IACUC form updates   04) New links to external animal care and use guidelines   05) USDA animal facility contingency planning - underway   06) New cage washer to be installed in the Weyandt animal facility   07) Animal care and use training for investigators - coming soon   08) On the IACUC 'todo' list - post-approval monitoring
IACUC Memo to Investigators - Jan 2013
01) Updated Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals   02) 2012 USDA inspection - passed   03) USDA annual reporting completed   04) New USDA emergency plan requirement
IACUC Memo to Investigators - Oct 2011
01) PHS assurance at IUP   02) IACUC reference library available   03) IACUC protocol revision form   04) Reminder: protocol hardcopy submission still required
IACUC Memo to Investigators - Apr 2011
01) New FAQ for Investigators   02) Permit information for IACUC protocols   03) 2011 USDA inspection passed
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