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Private Study Carrel Reservation and Use Policy

Intended Purpose

Stapleton Library carrels are intended to provide relatively secure, semi-private space for doctoral students, faculty, or administrators actively involved in research requiring the use of Stapleton Library and its resources.

Carrel Assignments

The priority list for assignments is as follows:

  1. IUP doctoral students who have achieved degree candidacy (completed 9-15 doctoral credits) working on dissertations and/or taking classes.
  2. IUP faculty/administrators working on dissertations
  3. IUP faculty/administrators/emeriti faculty actively involved in research requiring the use of Stapleton Library and its resources.

Applications and Assignments

Applications will be accepted online via a link included in an e-mail sent to all doctoral students. Applicants may choose to apply for a full academic year (including summer sessions) or for individual semesters/sessions. A random lottery, drawn from applications on file, will be held during the first week of each semester or at the beginning of summer to make carrel assignments. Applicants not receiving a carrel assignment will be notified via e-mail and must resubmit an application to be considered in the next lottery.

Terms of Assignment

Carrels assigned for the academic year may be used during both semesters plus the summer terms, if needed. In the case of summer term requests, assignments will be made for the entire summer, or a portion thereof, when carrels are available. Applicants receiving a single semester assignment must vacate the carrel by the day after final exams conclude for that semester. All carrel occupants must vacate by the end of the second summer session.

Deposit/Loss of Deposit

A refundable $20 (cash only) key deposit is required before a key is issued. The key must be returned no later than the end of Summer Session II to receive a refund.  If the carrel key is lost, the $20 fee is not refunded, and the occupant must pay an additional deposit of $20 for a new key to be issued.  There will be no refunds for recovered keys after a new key has been issued.

Rules Governing the Use of Private Study Carrels

  1. Carrels are intended for research. They are not second offices or conference rooms, nor do they have mailing addresses.
  2. A $20 (cash only) deposit is required of each person assigned a carrel key. Loss of or failure to return the key will result in loss of the deposit.
  3. Carrels may not be used by others than those assigned to them. There should only be one chair in a carrel at any given time.
  4. All library materials housed in the carrels must be charged out through the Circulation Desk. Inspection will be made periodically, and any uncharged library materials will be removed and reshelved. Noncirculating materials (e.g., reference books or periodicals) may not be stored in carrels.
  5. Library staff will not unlock carrels for users who have forgotten or lost their key.
  6. The library is not responsible for theft of personal belongings placed in any carrel.
  7. Nothing is to be affixed to carrel walls or windows. This includes window curtains of any type.  The use of nails, tape, tacks, glue, etc. is expressly prohibited.
  8. Personal appliances such as coffee makers, hot water pots, microwaves, etc. or flammable items (e.g., candles) are expressly prohibited.
  9. While you are allowed to eat and drink in the library, the keeping of a stash of snacks and other food in the carrels is prohibited as it entices rodents and bugs to inhabit the space with you.
  10. Trash must be taken to a receptacle outside the carrel.
  11. The library reserves the right to allow authorized staff to enter any carrel at any time to inspect for compliance with these rules.
  12. Any abuse of the carrel or library material by a carrel applicant will result in the immediate loss of carrel privileges.
  13. Loss of carrel privileges will result in the loss of your deposit.
  14. Once a carrel assignment has been made, it is final.
  15. Remember that while the carrels have lockable doors, there is no ceiling. Do not leave personal items such as cell phones or laptops unattended. Thefts do occur.
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Stapleton Library Hours

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