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International Student Organizations

Ascension Meditation and Yoga Association (AMYA)

Snigdha Kapoor, President:, 724-541-7682
Bina Soni, Vice President: 724-463-2787
Chaxul Patel, Secretary:, 570-575-4348 
Dr. R. Soni, Advisor:, Eberly College of Business, Mgmt Dept, Rm 308J, (724) 357-7786

Chinese Student Association

Zhiyu Chen, President:
Dr. Yasong, Wang, Advisor:, Hotel Rest and Inst Mgmt, Ackerman Hall 11, 724-357-6233

India Student Association

Snigdha Kapoor, President:, 724-541-7682
Tarun Madiraju, Vice President:, 484-260-3271 
Dr. N. Bharathan:, Biology, Weyandt Hall, Room 18, 724-357-2584

International Business Association

Tiara Raman, President:
Mohammed Alarjani, Vice President:
Dr. Abbas Ali, Advisor:, Management, Eberly College of Business, Room 308D, 724-357-5759

International Student Fellowship

Mark Bowser, President:
Dr. Timothy Flowers, Advisor:, Department of Mathematics, 237 Stright Hall, 724-357-4765
Website: International Student Fellowship 

Japanese Student Association

Sean Barton, President: 
Dr. Yong-Taek Kim, Advisor:, Department of Foreign Languages, 408 Sutton Hall, Indiana, PA 15705, 724-357-7529
Website: Japanese Students Association

Hindu Association of Indiana University of Pennsylvania (HAIUP)

Chaxul Patel, President:, 570-575-4348
Bina Soni, Vice President: 724-463-2787 
Dr. R. Soni, Advisor:, Eberly College of Business, Mgmt Dept, Rm 308J, (724) 357-7786

Korean Student Association

Ui Shin Jeong, President:
Dr. Seung Hwan Kim, Advisor:, Department of Accounting, Room 418D, Eberly College of Business, 724-357-5742
Website: Korean Student Association

Latino Student Organization of IUP

Joseph Solis, President:
Portia Diaz, Advisor:, IUP Libraries, 105 Stapleton Library, 724-357-4893
Website: Latino Student Association of IUP

Malaysian Student Association

Soh, Eadelyn, President:
Dr. Fnu, Pankaj, Advisor:, MIS and Decision Sciences, Eberly College of Business, Room 207, 664 Pratt Drive, 724-357-5944
Website: To be announced

Muslim Student Association

Muslim Students: An Informational Guide
Muhammad Ali Suliman, President:, 33 Regency Square, 724-467-2554
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed, Advisor:, Management, Eberly College of Business, Room 308B, 724-357-6229
Dr. Kustim Wibowo, Second Advisor:, Department of MIS and Decision Sciences, Room 207F, Eberly College of Business, 724-357-5733

Pan-African Student Association

Samuel Areago, President,
Dr. Yaya Sissoko, Advisor:, Economics, McElhaney Hall, 213E, 724-357-4781
Website: Pan-African Student Association

Saudi Student Association

Mohammed Alarjani, President:
Dr. Waleed Farag, Advisor:, Computer Science, Stright Hall, Room 210, 724-357-7995
Website: Saudi Student Association

SWUFE (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics) Student Association

Qinyi Yu, President:
Dr. Rajendar Garg, Advisor:, Marketing, Eberly Hall, 406F, 724-357-4547

Taiwanese Student Association

Chia-Yen Lin, President:
Dr. Richard Hsiao, Advisor:, Sport Management, 724-357-0123
Website: Taiwanese Student Association

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