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Bachelor’s Degrees in Sociology

Sociologists make change happen! One person can make a difference. Maybe that one person is you!

What Can You Do with a Sociology Degree?

Students graduating with a Sociology Degree are prepared to go into a variety of careers that include positions in the human services, case management, behavioral health, administration and planning, probation and corrections, community organizing, policy development, research, and academics. Graduates of the Sociology program gain employment in diverse positions such as, caseworkers, human service workers, behavioral health workers, intake workers, executive directors, probation officers, federal, state, and local correction officers, administrative assistants, program coordinators, researchers, educators, community planners, sociologists, and social activists. A Sociology degree is also an excellent preparation for careers in business and other professions.

If you are interested in an advanced degree, studying Sociology provides a good social sciences background for those interested in pursuing law degrees, MBAs, or other applied professional graduate study. Over the years our students continue to be successful at pursuing Masters and doctoral degrees and indicate that they were well prepared for advance degree studies.

Sociology is a discipline that many people don’t encounter until college. It takes a special person to study sociology, and once this special person has finally found the discipline he/she falls in love with it immediately. The main premise of sociology is that the social world can be studied, interpreted, and changed to benefit the lives of all people. If you are a person who is dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge for the sake of helping others, then sociology is probably for you. Sociologists change the world!

—Wes Roberts, Sociology Graduate Student

The Sociology Department is very proud of its undergraduate alumni and the many contributions that they are making to their communities. Today’s world is one in which social services related careers are becoming an important part of society. IUP sociology students are being prepared to fill the spaces in these careers, and our graduates can be found working throughout Pennsylvania, the United States, and other nations. The diversity of their employment situations attests to their abilities, and they are using these situations to better themselves and the lives of many others.

Our Bachelor’s Degree Programs

The IUP Bachelor of Arts program seeks to develop both the scientific and humanistic foundations of sociology. This program applies sociological knowledge to current social problems and promotes the well-being of individuals and society. Students are prepared for employment in the human service fields or for graduate study in sociology or related fields.

The Sociology Department also prepares teachers for secondary school social studies with a concentration in sociology. This program leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Education. Sociology graduates are also valued in a wide variety of positions in business and the professions because of their understanding of human behavior and their ability to use what they have learned.

What are you interested in?

Children and Families
Drug and Alcohol Studies
Juvenile Delinquency
Social Problems Planning
Social Policy

Social Inequality
Deviant Behavior
Child Abuse
Domestic Violence
Health and Medicine
Community Development
Professional Sociologist / Sociological Researcher
Public Health
Social Activism

Bachelor of Arts

Students majoring in sociology may select one of four tracks:

Bachelor of Science in Education

B.S.Ed. in Social Science Education/Sociology Concentration

Teachers of Secondary School Social Studies/Sociology Concentration.

  • Unique Features of IUP Sociology Department
  • Small class size.
  • Faculty with varied academic, research, and work experience backgrounds.
  • Having your professor in the classroom. No graduate assistants teach classes.
  • Unique internship opportunities.
  • Human Services Track; General Sociology Track; Applied Social Research Track, Disability Services Track
  • Up-to-date courses.

Honors Program

For those who qualify, the department offers a Sociology Honors Program.

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