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Confirming Your Summer Orientation

1. Review your date and time of Orientation from the letter you received.

2. The following is a list of recommended items to bring with you:

  • Pillow and bedding (sheets, blanket, towels) for your residence hall bed
  • Casual clothing for two days
  • Sweater, or other cover-up, as room temperatures vary
  • Change in coins, not bills, for evening snacks, if desired
  • Umbrella (we move about campus, and it often rains heavily in the summer)
  • Shower items and toiletries
  • Essay information (bring – print from Orientation website)
  • Sample Tests (review on Orientation website)
  • Information about How to Use Your PIN Number (follow this information or you may be unable to register for courses)
  • Orientation map (check website for updates just before leaving for Orientation and bring with you)
  • Arrival procedures/travel directions (IUP may experience significant construction during the summer; check website for updates just before leaving for Orientation and bring with you)

3. There is no early arrival.

4. Regular Arrival for summer orientations only:

  • Regular residence hall (mandatory) check-in takes place at 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. See Arrival Procedures for further information.
  • Program check-in takes place from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. on the first floor, main lobby of Humanities and Social Sciences Building (981 Grant Street, Indiana, PA 15705) on the Indiana campus. Dinner on Day 1 and breakfast on Day 2 will be included.

5. Orientation Program Timeframe:

  • Understand that you will be with Orientation only and remain with the program throughout its entirety.
  • Your program participation will run from our 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. check-in, overnight in the residence hall (mandatory), and until 1:00 p.m. on the second day.
  • You will be fully participating in the program throughout its two-day duration, including all evening activities.
  • Please note that even fall commuters reside in the residence hall during the Orientation as activities go into the evening.

6. Placement Exams

  • You will be required to follow your placement results when scheduling for classes, both now and in the future. Therefore, it is imperative that you take the testing seriously and prepare for the exams by reviewing the sample tests on our website.
  • All students take English, math, and reading exams.
    • Non-Honors College admits: If you have chosen not to submit a portfolio for your English Essay exam, please review the topics available. You should prepare a one-page outline for the topic on which you plan to write. Print out the prompt (topic). Write your outline on the back of the topic sheet and bring it with you. No completed essays or outlines with complete sentences will be accepted as outlines. (Note that there are two topics; select only one.) The outline will be submitted with your essay at the close of essay testing.
  • Note that you should not rely on prior experience for the math exam. Be sure to review the sample questions, through links, on our website.
  • Your assignment to any exams, other than those taken by everyone (English, math, reading), is listed on the letter you received. If there are any related sample exams, you will find them on our website. There is no sample exam for the education readiness exam.