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Calculating Your Sick Leave Payout

To be eligible for payment of unused sick leave, faculty members must first meet the age and service requirements. In addition, faculty members must retire from IUP and begin drawing a lifetime annuity from the PASSHE Retirement Plan (SERS, PSERS or ARP (TIAA-CREF, Fidelity, ING, and VALIC).

Faculty members who “retire” but choose not to take a monthly annuity upon separation will not be eligible to receive a sick leave payout even if all other criteria are met.

Determining Your Sick Leave Balance:

  1. Go to the Employee Self-Service portal and log in using your username and password.
    • If you have never logged in to ESS, you must first set up your account by following the instructions for first time users.
    • If you have logged into ESS before, but receive a message that your password is expired, follow the instructions for resetting your password.
    • If you are unable to reset your password, contact the Office of Human Resources at (724) 357-2431.
  2. Once in ESS, click on the “Employee Self-Service” tab.
  3. Next, click on the “Leave & Time” link.
  4. Then, click on the “Display Leave Balances” link. The table will list three types of sick leave: sick leave, sick family leave, and excess faculty sick leave (if available).
  5. Add all three of these balances together for your total sick leave balance.

Calculating Your Leave Payout:

  1. Calculate the number of whole sick leave days by dividing the total amount of your sick leave balance (sick leave, sick family leave and excess sick family leave) by 7.5 hours.
  2. Then, determine the number of sick days payable based on the following faculty sick leave payment schedule:
    Days Available Days Payable
    10–74 days 10
    75–149 days 20
    150–224 days 30
    225–299 days 40
    300 days and over 50
  3. Next, determine your daily rate:
    • Refer to the current faculty salary schedule for the 20-pay biweekly rate or divide your annual gross base salary by 20 to determine your biweekly salary at the 20 pay rate.
    • Divide your biweekly salary rate by 10 to determine your daily pay rate.
  4. Now, multiply the amount of days payable (as determined by step 2) by the daily rate (as determined by step 3). This is your project sick leave payout.


  1. Add sick leave available balances together and divide the total number of sick leave hours by 7.5 to determine the number of whole days available:
    • Sick Leave Available Balance: 525.50 hours
    • Sick Family Leave Available Balance: 37.50 hours
    • Faculty Excess Sick Leave Balance: 390.00 hours
    • Total Number of Sick Leave Hours: 953.00 hours
    • 953.00 hours/7.5 hours = 127.06 days or 127 whole days
  2. Determine the number of sick days payable using the faculty sick pay schedule:
    Days Available Days Payable
    10–74 days 10
    75–149 days 20
    150–224 days 30
    225–299 days 40
    300 days and over 50

    In this example the faculty member has 127 whole days. The amount of days payable is 20 days.
  3. Determine your daily pay rate:
    • Annual Salary: $107,869.99
    • 20-Pay Biweekly Rate: $107,869.99/20 = $5,393.50
    • Daily Rate: $5,393.35/10 = $539.35
  4. Multiply the number of days payable (step 3) by the daily rate (step 4):
    • 20 days x $539.35 = $10,878

$10,878 is the total amount of this faculty member’s estimated sick leave payout

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