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Global and Multicultural Awareness: Fall 2013

Note: This course listing is for reference only. For updates and additional information, please refer to the schedule of classes listing on MyIUP.







11930ANTH110001Contemporary AnthroE. Rochette
11931ANTH110002Contemporary AnthroE. Rochette
11932ANTH110003Contemporary AnthroE. Rochette
11933ANTH110004    Contemporary AnthroE. Rochette
11934ANTH110005Contemporary AnthroS. Neusius
11935ANTH110006Contemporary AnthroA. Adams
11936ANTH    110007Contemporary AnthroA. Adams
11937ANTH110008Contemporary AnthroJ. Roby
11938ANTH110009Contemporary AnthroA. Poole
11939ANTH110010Contemporary AnthroA. Poole
11946ANTH110801Contemporary AnthroA. Poole
11940ANTH211001Cultural AnthropologyA. Hudgins
11941ANTH211002Cultural AnthropologyA. Hudgins
11942ANTH211003Cultural AnthropologyA. Adams
11944ANTH211004Cultural AnthropologyA. Adams
12289ANTH273001Cultural Area:  Southeast AsiaA. Hudgins
12284ANTH370001Latinos and DiasporasV. Garcia
11880ARHI224001Introduction to Asian ArtP. Rode
11886ARHI321001History of World CeramicsP. Rode
Introduction to Asian Studies
C. Chandler
10975COMM230001Issues in International CommN. Muchtar
11676CRLG201001Arabic IIIS. Chandler
11677CRLG209001Korean IIIS. Chandler
11684CRLG212001Russian IIIS. Chandler
11917ECON339001Economic Development IY. Sissoko
13001GEOG104001World Geography/Global ContextB. Okey
13006GEOG104002World Geography/Global ContextG. Sechrist
13008GEOG104003World Geography/Global ContextD. Buckwalter
13010GEOG104004World Geography/Global ContextD. Buckwalter
13557GEOG104006World Geography/Global ContextC. Schaney
13854GEOG104008World Geography/Global ContextR. Sechrist
13585GEOG104009World Geography/Global ContextR. Sechrist
13685GEOG104010World Geography/Global Context Z. Liu
13687GEOG104011World Geography/Global Context Z. Liu
12529HIST206001History of East Asia            A. Baumler
13867HIST330001History Islamic CivilizationC. Baker
12841HIST332W01History of Early ChinaA. Baumler
11249PLSC101001World PoliticsS. Wheeler
11250PLSC101002World PoliticsS. Jackson
11251PLSC101003World PoliticsS. Jackson
11252PLSC101004World PoliticsS. Wheeler
11253PLSC101005World PoliticsD. Fiddner
11254PLSC101301World PoliticsD. Fiddner
11459PLSC387001Political Systems: Latin AmericaS. Wheeler
13084RGPL103001Cities of the World/Plng & DevR. Hoch
13095RGPL103002Cities of the World/Plng & DevD. Watts
13100RGPL103003Cities of the World/Plng & DevD. Watts
13677RGPL103006Cities of the World/Plng & DevS. Ghosh
13678RGPL103007Cities of the World/Plng & DevS. Ghosh
13841RGPL103201    Cities of the World/Plng & DevS. Wicker
13839RGPL103301Cities of the World/Plng & DevS. Wicker
13840RGPL103302Cities of the World/Plng & DevS. Wicker
11621RLST220001Buddhist Thought & PracticeS. Chandler


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