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Characteristics of Effective Preceptors

Characteristics of effective preceptors


     This is a "self-help" tool that can help you identify areas in which you can improve, in terms of your role as a preceptor for the dietetic intern. First, read and rate yourself on each of the characteristics that are listed. (Place an "X" in one of the four rating boxes.) Then, for each characteristic that you rated as "sometimes" or "never", develop a plan or goal that will help you practice in that area. After you have had some time to work on the areas identified as needing improvement, refer back to this tool to reassess your progress.

Characteristic Domains:

  • Focus and Organization
  • Value of Interactions with Student
  • Enthusiasm and Dynamic Styles
  • Relationship with Student
  • Analytical Approaches
  • Confidence and Competency
  • Professionalism

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