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What Courses Comprise the Minor?

EDSP 102 – Educational Psychology 3cr

Promotes an understanding of the principles of psychology governing human behavior, with particular emphasis on the relation to the learner, learning process, and learning situation in an educational environment.

EDSP 477 – Assessment of Student Learning: Design and Interpretation of Educational Measures 3cr

Prerequisites: PSYC 101 or permission; admission to Teacher Certification

Acquaints students with major methods and techniques of evaluation used to assess and report growth, development, and academic achievement of learners in elementary and secondary schools, including interpretation of standardized test information.

EDSP 373 – Psychology of Adolescent Education 3cr (Spring only)

Prerequisite: EDSP 102

A study of significant characteristics, behavior, and educational and social problems of adolescents.

EDSP 378 – Learning 378 3cr (Spring only)

Prerequisite: EDSP 102

Explores learning theories and educational application in the classroom.

EDSP 376 – Behavior Problems 3cr (Fall only)

Prerequisite: EDSP 102

An examination of emotional and social aspects of behavior problems encountered in classroom situations and potential remedial techniques.

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