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Mindfulness Living Learning Community

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Mindfulness training and practice promote greater awareness, help focus attention, deepen a sense of presence, and build compassion towards others.

Integrating mindfulness or the contemplative mind into the college experience helps us to engage the basic human need for making meaning, developing connection, and a sense of purpose in our lives.

This integration supports the development of inner strengths and skills, including

  1. the ability to focus attention
  2. awareness and regulation of emotions
  3. cultivation of insight, capacity for reflection
  4. the ability to attune to and have compassion for others
  5. the development of morality and the ability to take actions that benefit others over oneself 1

Western education has been steeped in the tradition of rational thinking and observation. As our world becomes more interconnected and more complex, there is a growing need for students to have resources from which they can draw upon to help them focus, regulate their emotions, maintain balance, reflect upon and examine their lives, and develop healthy boundaries.

Our Mission:

The Mindfulness Living Learning Community is committed to providing opportunities for students at IUP to:

  1. Learn basic mindfulness skills
  2. Be exposed to various activities and exercises to deepen their capacity for insight and reflection through contemplative inquiry
  3. Learn skills to reduce stress
  4. Help cultivate a more compassionate attitude towards the world and those around them

Although much of the mindfulness literature has been heavily drawn from the Buddhist tradition, its main value is secular in nature and can be used within any faith or creative or contemplative path.

1Siegel, D. (2007) The Mindful Brain. New York: Norton and Co.

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