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Master’s Programs

M.A. in Adult and Community Education
The Master of Arts in Adult and Community Education (ACE) is designed to develop leaders in the fields of adult and community education. Graduates from the program work in business and industry, hospitals and health related institutions, community agencies and more.
M.A. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
The Master of Arts in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling program prepares students to work in a variety of settings, including mental health centers, drug and alcohol treatment programs, specialized community agencies, vocational or rehabilitation programs, correctional institutions, health care settings, social services, and business and industry.
M.A. in History
The history graduate program is designed to provide students with training appropriate to a wide range of professions in the field of history: Museum positions, archival work, library work, tourism and travel, editorial or administrative services and more.
M.A. in Adult Education and Communications Technology Track
Graduates of the AECT program acquire knowledge and skills in theory and research in adult education and in the applications of current and emerging production technologies. Prepare for jobs which involve the delivery of education and training and the use of technology.
M.A. in Sociology
 The M.A. in Sociology prepares students for employment in human services, government agencies, corporations, higher education, and social research positions.
M.Ed. in Literacy and or Reading Specialist Certification
This degree is offered to educators certified in teaching who are pursuing graduate studies in reading and literacy theories, research, and instructional practices.
M.Ed. in School Counseling
This program prepares students to become Pennsylvania-certified School Counselors.
M.A. in Applied Archaeology
The M.A. program in applied archaeology is designed to meet a need for increased training of professional archaeologists employed in the fields of historic preservation, cultural resource management, and heritage planning and tourism.
M.A. in Art
The M.A. is a practice-oriented degree leading to personal creative development and achievement. The summer residency and blended online offerings are designed to accommodate the working art educator who desires a studio-focused degree.
M.A. in Criminology
The program is designed for students who are preparing for doctoral studies, along with careers in research or the administration of criminal justice.
M.A. in Employment and Labor Relations
The Master of Arts in Employment and Labor Relations program prepares professional practitioners in the field of employment and labor relations in public and private management, unions, government agencies, and neutral and service organizations.
M.A. in English
The M.A. in English responds to the needs of four groups of students: those interested in gaining a generalist background in graduate English studies, students wanting to concentrate on literature, students seeking secondary English certification or desiring to enhance their existing skills in teaching English, and students who want to teach English to speakers of other languages.
M.A. in Music Education
The M.A. in Music Education offers students a range of experiences in music teaching and learning theory, research, and performance. 
M.A. in Music Performance
The Performance degree is designed to enhance musicianship, technique, and knowledge of a variety of musical styles, with the goal of preparing students for a career in the performing arts.
M.A. in Public Affairs
The M.A. in Public Affairs program is designed for students who are seeking or are currently engaged in professional careers as administrators, project directors, staff analysts, and supervisors in government and human service agency delivery systems, trade unions, and interest groups; teachers of the social studies; and those interested in international development and comparative administration or in becoming foreign service professionals.
M.A. in Spanish
The Master of Arts in Spanish is a program of advanced study in the combined areas of foreign language pedagogy, Hispanic literatures and cultures, and Spanish language. Students choose one of two tracks: The Applied Linguistics and Pedagogy track or the Literatures and Cultures track.
M.A. in Student Affairs in Higher Education
The M.A. degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education prepares graduate students for employment in higher education in entry-level or mid-management student affairs positions in areas such as admissions, housing and residence life, student development programs, student activities, financial aid, career planning and development, academic advising and more.
M.B.A., Executive Track
The M.B.A., Executive Track program is designed to serve the needs of experienced managers from industrial, financial, nonprofit, and small business areas, and the public sector. The program enables students to earn their MBA degree while continuing in their full time positions.
The MBA program is designed to serve the needs of junior and intermediate level business executives who are seeking additional knowledge and skills to do a more efficient job of problem solving and decision making. The program is structured to give recent college graduates advanced training in business management prior to entry into a business career.
M.Ed. in Educational Psychology
The M.Ed. in Educational Psychology provides a broad theoretical and practical background in the areas of education and psychology. It prepares students who are planning to pursue certification in school psychology after the master’s degree, those seeking to broaden their understanding of human development and learning, and those seeking to learn more about educational evaluation and research.
M.Ed. in Business Workforce Development
The M.Ed. in Business Workforce Development is offered by the Department of Technology Support and Training. This program includes a core curriculum plus one of three areas of specialization: Business, Computer, and Information Technology; Workforce Development; and Administrative.
M.Ed. in Education
The. M.Ed. in Education prepares educators to be research oriented and to be more effective and innovative in classrooms, in schools, and in communities.
M.Ed. in Education of Exceptional Persons
The M.Ed. program addresses the educational needs of four types of graduate students: Those who hold Pennsylvania Mentally and/or Physically Handicapped certification; those who hold another teaching certificate who wish to earn special education certification while working toward an M.Ed. degree in Education of Exceptional Persons; those who hold another teaching certificate who wish to earn special education certification without earning the M.Ed. degree; and those who do not want to qualify for a teaching certificate but who wish to work professionally with persons with disabilities. 
M.Ed. in Elementary and Middle School Mathematics Education
The M.Ed program preapres students to serve as resource teachers, mathematics teachers in departmentalized situations, coordinators, or in other leadership roles in an elementary or middle school mathematics program. The program meets credit requirements for Instructional Level II certification.
M.Ed. in Health and Physical Education
This program is designed for current health and physical educators who are certified teachers in Pennsylvania seeking to enhance their skills as educators, teachers who are certified in a different area and wish to add health and physical education to their certificate, or for those who currently have a nonteaching bachelor’s degree and wish to become certified health and physical educators.
The 60-credit M.F.A. signals the highest level of professional competence in the Fine Arts. It requires the development of a verbally and visually articulate argument in a chosen medium, such as Painting, Drawing, Sculpture, Print Media, Metals, Woodworking, Ceramics, Fibers, and trans-media collaborations.
M.S. in Applied Mathematics
The M.S. in Applied Mathematics is designed to produce graduates who are marketable in industry, government, and education. The program is appropriate for professionals who want to enhance their skills and for secondary mathematics and science teachers who seek a deeper understanding of how mathematics and statistics can be used to solve applied problems.
M.S. in Biology
The M.S. in Biology is designed for students who want to pursue graduate work leading to the Ph.D. degree and for students who are seeking careers as biologists in a number of different professions.
M.S. in Food and Nutrition
The M.S. program prepares students who have baccalaureate degrees in food and nutrition, education, or health related disciplines for applied human nutrition by increasing their depth of knowledge in food and nutrition, research, and applied human nutrition.
M.S. in Geography
The M.S. program is designed to prepare students for careers as geographers in business, government, research, environmental, and planning organizations or for entry to a doctoral program at another university. Emphasis is placed upon developing professional competence in the tools, substance, methodology, and geographic theories.
M.S. in Nursing
The M.S. in Nursing prepares graduates for an advanced-practice nursing role as a nurse administrator or a nurse educator and serves as a foundation for doctoral study.
M.S. in Physics
The Master of Science in Physics degree program is designed for students who plan to pursue further graduate work or to undertake research in an industrial position.
M.S. in Safety Sciences
The M.S. in Safety Sciences program is designed for individuals with relevant experience in safety sciences and those with appropriate undergraduate preparation who are interested in pursuing careers in the profession.
M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology
The program provides for the completion of the academic and practicum requirements for the Certificate of Clinical Competence from ASHA, for Pennsylvania Licensure in Speech-Language Pathology, and for Level I Certification in Teaching the Speech and Language Impaired from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.
M.S. in Sport Science
The M.S. in Sport Science is designed for students from both teaching and nonteaching professions.  Students choose from different academic tracks: Sport Management, Exercise Science, or Sport Studies.
Master of Science in Health Services Administration
The Master of Science in Health Services Administration degree will consist of 36 credits. The Department of Nursing and Allied Health Professions will offer 18 credits, the Department of Employment and Labor Relations will offer 15, and students would also
Professional Science Masters in Applied and Industrial Chemistry
Master of Science in Applied and Industrial Chemistry
Professional Science Masters in Physics - Nano-science for Industrial Materials
Professional Science Masters in Physics - Nono-science for Industrial Materials
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