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Graduate Programs in Educational and School Psychology

The School Psychology Program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania is a multiple-entry-level graduate program culminating with a specialist certificate as a school psychologist in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and/or a Doctorate of Education in School Psychology.

An individual with a bachelor’s degree may enter the program as a master’s degree candidate and, during the completion of the master’s-level course work, may apply for acceptance into the post-master’s School Psychology Certification Program. Students showing exceptional potential may apply directly to the doctoral program, receiving certification as school psychologists as they progress towards the doctorate. Individuals who already possess a master’s degree from an accredited institution may apply directly into the post-master’s portion of the program, but may be required to make up certain master’s degree courses. Students take 66-69 credits for the specialist certificate, while completion of the entire doctoral program involves 102-111 credits beyond the bachelor’s degree, depending on the student’s level at entry.

A student who is already certified as a school psychologist through another fully accredited institution may apply directly to the doctoral program. The sequence of courses required of these students is determined by a review of their past training and their performance on both a content and practicum competency evaluation. The core program for the doctoral sequence for students entering at this level is a minimum of 42 credits beyond the specialist certification.

Admission into the program at all levels is based upon evidence of previous scholarship and/or potential for academic success, personal and professional qualities deemed necessary to function as a school psychologist, and motivation for professional excellence and leadership in the field. Continuous enrollment of a minimum of nine credit hours per semester or six credit hours per summer session is required unless waived by the student’s advisor and the School Psychology Committee.

Both the specialist-level and doctoral programs are accredited by the National Association of School Psychologists and National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education.

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