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ECON: Economics

Department of Economics

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

ECON 501 Foundations of Modern Economics 3 cr.

Survey of micro and macroeconomics designed for the student who is not already well grounded in the field.

ECON 633 Managerial Microeconomic Applications 1.5 cr.

Develops analytical tools from microeconomic theory that can be practically applied to improve managers’ decision-making abilities. Special emphasis is placed on optimizing pricing, production, and performance evaluation decisions using available analytical and quantitative tools, including economic theory, regression, and visualization techniques. Prerequisites: ECON 121, ECON 122, MATH 121 or the equivalent, or permission of instructor.

ECON 634 Managerial Economics 3 cr.

Applications of economic theory to organizational decision-making. Managerial practice is analyzed using techniques of maximization, minimization, and optimization. Organizational objectives are evaluated using techniques of statistical estimation of revenues, costs, and outputs. Prerequisites: ECON 121, ECON 122, MATH 121 or the equivalent, or permission of instructor.

ECON 699 Independent Study 1-6 cr.

Directed readings, written assignments, and research on a specific topic determined by the student and the instructor. Prerequisites: ECON 501, credits of “C” or better in six semester hours of Principles of Economics, or permission of instructor.

ECON 820 Managerial Economics for Decision Making and Leadership 3 cr.

The application of microeconomics to decision-making. Exploration of analytical tools for measuring and defining optimal policy decisions. Optimal policies are managerial decisions that maximize, minimize, or satisfice specified objectives of the organization. Includes building quantitative models to apply to plausible situations, using appropriate, computer-assisted decision techniques.

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