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The Green Light Campaign

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What is it?

The Green Light Campaign spreads awareness about the vital role consent plays in relationships.  Violence, especially sexual violence, destroys a person’s trust and feeling of safety. 

Why Green?

The Green Light serves as a metaphor for active consent. Passive consent, like “no means no,” is reactive. It only kicks in after something wrong has happened. If your partner were to say no or stop, chances are strong that you have already done something wrong-something that person did not want you to do. Through discussion, individuals can gauge what their partners are and are not comfortable with. This communication is vital in the prevention of sexual violence and there is no reason why it cannot be used as a way to enhance whatever experience individuals may share.  The only consent is a verbal and sober yes!

Rock Your Green Button!

The Green button represents IUP’s commitment to making campus safer for all of us.  It is a reminder that violence should not be a part of our campus life. It is a way to display our dedication to making IUP safe for everyone! The green button represents the importance of asking for consent for any form of sexual activity. Get one at the main desk at the Center for Health & Well-Being at Suites on Maple, East. 

Wear it to show solidarity! 

Wear it to support survivors!

Wear it to show how much of an impact we are having on making this campus safer!