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Liberal Studies Requirements for Biology Majors

Note that all courses listed below are three-credit courses
(except for one LIBR course).

Learning Skills: English Composition: Two Courses — 6cr

ENGL 101 Composition I
ENGL 202 Composition II (sophomore standing)

Humanities: Three Courses* — 9cr

*One course in history, one in literature, and one in philosophy or religious studies.


HIST 196 Explorations in U.S. History
HIST 197 Explorations in European History
HIST 198 Explorations in Global History


ENGL 121 Humanities Literature
FNLG 121 Humanities Literature (taught in English)

Philosophy or Religious Studies:

PHIL 101 Informal Logic: Methods of Critical Thinking
PHIL 120 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 221 Symbolic Logic I
PHIL 222 Ethics
PHIL 223 Philosophy of Art
RLST 100 Introduction to Religion
RLST 110 World Religions
RLST 250 Understanding the Bible
RLST 290 Christianity

Fine Arts: One Course from List — 3cr

ARHI 101 Introduction to Art
DANC 102 Introduction to Dance
FIAR 101 Introduction to Fine Arts
MUHI 101 Introduction to Music
THTR 101 Introduction to Theater

Social Science: Three Courses from List* — 9cr

*No course prefix may be used more than once

ANTH 110 Contemporary Anthropology (1)
ANTH 211 Cultural Anthropology (1)
ANTH 213 World Archaeology
CRIM 101 Crime and Justice Systems
ECON 101 Basic Economics
ECON 121 Principles of Macroeconomics
GEOG 101 Geography: Human Environment Interaction
GEOG 102 Geography of U.S. and Canada
GEOG 103 Global Cities: Issues in Planning and Development (1)
GEOG 104 World Geography: Global Context (1)
JNRL 105 Journalism and the Mass Media
PLSC 101 World Politics (1)
PLSC 111 American Politics
PSYC 101 General Psychology
RGPL 103 Global Cities: Issues in Planning and Development (1)
SOC 151 Principles of Sociology
SOC 231 Contemporary Social Problems

(1) Also fulfills requirement for Global and Multicultural Awareness course.

Dimensions of Wellness: One Course — 3cr

FDNT 143 Current Issues in Nutrition and Wellness
HPED 143 Physical Well-Being
HPED 143 Wellness through Strength Training
NURS 143 Healthy People–Promoting Wellness

An alternate method of fulfilling this requirement is the completion of one year of Military Science/ROTC: MLSC 101 Introduction to Military Science and Lab (2cr) and MLSC 102 Fundamentals of Military Science and Lab (2cr). Verified successful completion of Basic Training in any U.S.
Armed Service is transferable as MLSC 101 and 102. MLSC 203 and 204 may be substituted for MLSC 101 and 102.

Global and Multicultural Awareness: One Course from List — 3cr*

*Students must fulfill this requirement by completing one course from the list; most of these courses will at the same time fulfill other requirements set by Liberal Studies or in some cases by a college or department.

Also fulfills LS Social Science requirement:

ANTH 110 Contemporary Anthropology
ANTH 211 Cultural Anthropology
GEOG 103 Global Cities: Issues in Planning and Development
GEOG 104 World Geography: Global Context
RGPL 103 Global Cities: Issues in Planning and Development
PLSC 101 World Politics

Also fulfills LS Elective requirement:

ANTH 271 Cultural Area Studies: Africa [same as SOC 271]
ANTH 272 Cultural Area Studies: China [same as SOC 272]
ANTH 273 Cultural Area Studies: Southeast Asia [same as SOC 273]
ANTH 274 Cultural Area Studies: Latin America [same as SOC 274]
ANTH 314 Native Americans [same as SOC 314]
ANTH 350 Anthropology of Women
ANTH 365 Native North American Religions [same as RLST 365]
ANTH 370 Latinos and Diasporas [same as LAS 370]
ANTH 430 Anthropology of Food
ARHI 224 Introduction to Asian Art
ARHI 300 Native American Art
ARHI 321 History of World Ceramics
ARHI 423 Art of Japan
ARHI 424 Art of India and Southeast Asia
ARHI 425 Arts of China
ASIA 200 Introduction to Asian Studies
BTST 342 Intercultural Business Communication
COMM 230 Issues in International Communication
ECON 350 Comparative Economic Systems
ENGL 396 The Literature of Emerging Nations
GEOG 252 Geography of Latin America
GEOG 254 Geography of Russia, Central Eurasia, and Eastern Europe
GEOG 255 Geography of Africa
GEOG 256 Geography of East Asia
GEOG 257 Geography of South and Southeast Asia
HIST 206 History of East Asia
HIST 208 Survey of Latin American History
HIST 327 Soviet Union and Contemporary Russia
HIST 330 History of the Islamic Civilization
HIST 331 Modern Middle East
HIST 332 History of Early China
HIST 334 History of Modern China
HIST 337 History of Modern Japan
HIST 356 African History II: 1600 to Present
HIST 367 Native American History
ITST 281 Special Topics in Non-Western Studies
LAS 370 Latinos and Diasporas [same as ANTH 370]
LAS 480 Latin American Studies Seminar
PLSC 382 Political Systems: Africa
PLSC 387 Political Systems: Latin America
PLSC 389 International Development Strategies
PNAF 131 Introduction to Pan-African Studies
RLST 220 Buddhist Thought and Practice
RLST 311 Eastern Philosophy
RLST 360 African Religions
RLST 365 Native North American Religions [same as ANTH 365]
RLST 370 Religions of China and Japan
RLST 375 Religions of India
RLST 380 Islam
SOC 271 Cultural Area Studies: Africa [same as ANTH 271]
SOC 272 Cultural Area Studies: China [same as ANTH 272]
SOC 273 Cultural Area Studies: Southeast Asia [same as ANTH 273]
SOC 274 Cultural Area Studies: Latin America [same as ANTH 274]
SOC 314 Native Americans [same as ANTH 314]
SPAN 244 Modern Mexico
SPAN 344 20th-Century Spanish-American Civilization and Culture [taught in Spanish]
SPAN 364 Survey of Spanish-American Literature [taught in Spanish]

Fulfills Global and Multicultural Awareness requirement only:

CRLG 151, 201, or 251 Arabic II, III, or IV
CRLG 152, 202, or 252 Chinese II, III, or IV
CRLG 155, 205, or 255 Hindi II, III, or IV
CRLG 156, 206, or 256 Hungarian II, III, or IV
CRLG 158, 208, or 258 Japanese II, III, or IV
CRLG 159, 209, or 259 Korean II, III, or IV
CRLG 162, 212, or 262 Russian II, III, or IV
ECON 339 Economic Development I
PLSC 285 Comparative Government II: Non-Western Political Systems

Certain Study Abroad programs in Global and Multicultural Awareness areas are offered (information is in the respective catalog section; further
information is available in the Office of International Education).

Writing Across the Curriculum: Minimum of Two “W” Courses

All students must include among the total courses required for graduation a minimum of two designated writing-intensive courses. One of these courses must be in the student’s primary major; the other(s) may be in Liberal Studies, college or major requirements, or free electives. Such courses, which involve extensive use of writing as part of the learning experience, are identified with a “W” as part of the section number in each semester’s schedule of classes listing on URSA.

Liberal Studies Electives: 3cr for a Biology Major

  • No course carrying the student’s major prefix may be used.
  • No course prefix may be used more than once, except for intermediate-level foreign language prefixes (FRNC, GRMN, ITAL, and SPAN), which may be used twice.
  • Refer to program of study for specific requirements.

See list of Global and Multicultural Awareness courses, some of which may be used as Liberal Studies Electives.

The following courses are also approved:
ANTH 286 Marriage, Kinship, and the Family [same as SOC 286]
ARHI 205 Ancient to Medieval Art
ARHI 207 Renaissance through Modern Art
ARHI 222 Art in America
BTED 101 Computer Literacy [same as COSC/IFMG 101]
BTED 201 Internet and Multimedia [same as COMM/COSC/IFMG/LIBR 201]
CDFR 218 Child Development
CDFR 224 Marriage and Family Relations
CNSV 101 Personal and Family Management
CNSV 315 Consumer Economics and Family Finance
COMM 101 Communications Media in American Society
COMM 201 Internet and Multimedia [same as BTED/COSC/IFMG/LIBR 201]
COMM 325 Women in Media
COMM 380 The History of African Americans in Film
COSC 101 Computer Literacy [same as BTED/IFMG 101]
COSC 201 Internet and Multimedia [same as BTED/COMM/IFMG/LIBR 201]
ECON 122 Principles of Microeconomics
ENGL 349 English Bible as Literature
FDNT 145 Introduction to Nutrition
FRNC 301 Portraits of Women in the French Novel
GEOG 230 Cultural Geography
GEOG 231 Economic Geography
GEOG 251 Geography of Pennsylvania
GEOG 253 Geography of Europe
GEOG 261 Geography of Wine
HIST 210 Ancient Civilizations: The Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean
HIST 212 Ancient and Medieval Europe
HIST 214 Themes in American History
HIST 305 Renaissance and Reformation
HIST 355 African History I: Antiquity to 1600
HIST 363 Thought and Culture in Early America
HIST 364 Thought and Culture in Modern America
HIST 366 African-American Women
IFMG 101 Computer Literacy [same as BTED/COSC 101]
IFMG 201 Internet and Multimedia [same as BTED/COMM/COSC/LIBR 201]
JRNL 250 Women and the Press
JRNL 375 World News Coverage
LIBR 201 Internet and Multimedia [same as BTED/COMM/COSC/IFMG 201]
LIBR 251 Information Access in the Digital Age (2 credits)
MUHI 222 Music of the British Invasion
MUHI 301 Music History I
MUHI 302 Music History II
PHIL 110 Reasoning and the Law
PHIL 232 Philosophical Perspectives on Love, Marriage, and Divorce
PHIL 321 Symbolic Logic II
PHIL 323 Political Philosophy
PHIL 324 Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 325 Modern Philosophy
PHIL 326 Phenomenology and Existentialism
PHIL 330 Philosophy of Science
PHIL 400 Ethics and Public Policy
PHIL 405 Justice and Human Rights
PHIL 410 Contemporary Analytic Philosophy
PHIL 420 Metaphysics
PHIL 421 Theory of Knowledge
PHIL 450 Philosophy of Law
PHIL 460 Philosophy of Language
PLSC 346 Political Sociology [same as SOC 458]
PSYC 310 Developmental Psychology
PSYC 321 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 330 Social Psychology
PSYC 378 Psychology of Death and Dying
RLST 200 Religion and Culture: Their Interaction
RLST 210 World Scriptures
RLST 260 American Religious Development
RLST 312 Archaeology and the Bible
RLST 329 Philosophy of Religion
RLST 410 Early Christian Thought
RLST 440 Modern Christian Thought
SAFE 100 Workplace Safety Today and Tomorrow
SOC 269 Sociology of Deviance
SOC 286 Marriage, Kinship, and the Family [same as ANTH 286]
SOC 337 World Societies and World Systems
SOC 340 Sociology of Industry
SOC 361 Social Stratification
SOC 362 Racial and Ethnic Minorities
SOC 363 Sociology of Gender
SOC 458 Political Sociology [same as PLSC 346]
THTR 132 Introduction to Acting
WMST 200 Introduction to Women’s Studies

Higher-level language courses may be substituted by biology students having already fulfilled the department's lanuguage requirement with department chair approval and with the approval of the Liberal Studies Director.

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