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Student Research Projects


  • Motivation for Watching Soccer: Different Motivation between Non-American and American University Students
  • Effects of Nutrition Intake on Physical Activity on Female College Students
  • Maximum Strength Performance in Squat, Press, and Dead Lift: Traditional Resistive Training vs. Cross Training
  • The Effects of Lifestyle Intervention on Exercise Adherence and Physical Activity Behavior
  • Perceived and Expected Lifeguarding Behaviors While on Surveillance Duty vs. Actual Observed Behaviors


  • Effects of Aerobics and Body Awareness Program on the Health Related Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Survivors
  • The Effects of Resisted Jump Training vs. Depth Jump Training on Vertical Jump Performance
  • Electromyographical Analysis of Push-Up Exercises Throughout Differing Levels of Stabilitiy
  • How Energy Expenditure is Different Two and Twenty-Four Hours Post Near Maximal Resistive Exercise in Trained vs. Non-Trained College Age Males


  • Factors That Influence Fitness and Recreation Center Usage by Students on College Campuses


  • Effects of Yoga on Mood and Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness Induced by Plyometric Exercise
  • Non-Traditional Strength Training Effects on Sport Performance in Collegiate Soccer Players vs. College Females
  • Relationship Between Shooting Accuracy and Physical Fitness in Police Officer Recruits
  • Socioeconomic Status and Obesity: A Study of Socioeconomic Background and Lifestyle Habits Among College Students


  • An Assessment of Fitness Facility Operators' Perceived Level of Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Effects of Commercial Multivitamin Supplementation on Rate of Perceived Exertion in Untrained College Students: Single Blind, Placebo Controlled Trial