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PA State System of Higher Education

Dixon University Center

The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) was established on July 1, 1983. The system comprises 14 state-owned universities located throughout the commonwealth.

PASSHE LogoWith approximately 120,000 undergraduate and graduate, part-time and full-time, students, the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) is the largest provider of higher education in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The total university campus comprises approximately 4,700 acres (19 km²). A total of 862 buildings with nearly 25 million square feet (2.3 km²) house classrooms, residences, administrative offices, and student support services. PASSHE employs more than 12,169 professional and support staff, making it the 16th largest employer in the commonwealth.

PASSHE Qualified Collaborative Contracts

PASSHE issues some solicitations as Qualified Collaborative Contracts (QCC). Typically these solicitations are issued for goods/services where it makes business sense to have multiple suppliers on contract, or the need for the goods/services may be more immediate, so the contracts are done in advance. By utilizing qualified collaborative contracts (QCCs), PASSHE is able to optimize its combined buying power through coordinated and collaborative purchasing initiatives among the Office of the Chancellor and the universities. QCCs are put in place to gain advantageous pricing, delivery, quality products and services, and ease of ordering.

To learn more about qualified collaborative contracts, visit the PASSHE QCC Website.

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